Strengthen your manufacturing customer relationships

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Reimagine customer engagement across the manufacturing journey

Today’s consumer goods manufacturers are increasingly trying to build a direct relationship with the consumers. As a manufacturer, you need to differentiate by delivering engaged digital customer experiences.

With Genesys, you can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to predict customer intent and strengthen customer relations.  Design a connected platform that delivers omnichannel engagement and captures customer conversations on every channel.


Buiding better customer relationships with a unified platform

Accelerate D2C engagement

Customers regularly switch between channels. They want seamless, e-commerce-like experiences. Make it easy to do business with your company by providing personalised customer interactions on their preferred platform.

Enable data-driven decision making

Break down information silos and get a complete view of the customer journey. An integrated platform helps identify opportunities and trends, deepening your connection to customers and improving sales.

Arm agents with the right capabilities

Empowered agents solve customer issues faster and more empathetically. Set agents up for success with a platform that can manage all conversations, including back-end enquiries and post-sales support.

Connect and personalise customer experiences across channels

See all critical channels in one view and link information together to help deliver world-class service. From product consultations to post-sale support, anticipate needs and deepen customer relationships with a scalable and agile technology platform.

Enable a holistic customer view

Manufacturers manage large amounts of data from customers, distributors, suppliers, employees and more. It’s difficult to understand a customer’s needs when data is siloed. Companies need to connect data from all stakeholders to unlock fast innovation.

Integrate all your data channels into one view, starting with business-critical systems. With an open architecture, you can break down barriers between complex IT ecosystems and get the clarity needed to drive better customer outcomes.

Build care centres with actionable insights

Manufacturers face the challenge of identifying revenue opportunities, supply chain conditions and tracking order status. There is a growing demand to better manage and generate accurate data in a way that improves sales and customer satisfaction.

With the right reporting tools, you can piece real-time and historical data from different systems together. Leverage AI to organise these numbers into unified and actionable information. Whenever needed, share these personalised insights easily to delight customers.

Foster customer relationships beyond the sale

Consumer needs are changing. They expect support from the moment they visit your website and long after they make a purchase. Wow customers with consistent experiences regardless of where they are in their journey or the channels they use.

Strengthen relationships and nurture satisfaction by identifying customer intent. You can reach out with solutions or product upgrades even before customers make a request.

Empower agents with necessary resources

Give agents the tools needed to craft amazing customer experiences. With a unified communication platform, agents can seamlessly transition between different channels, boosting efficiency.

Help agents own customer relationships by giving them a complete customer view – from contracts, entitlement data and warranties to communication histories. Agents will be able to make swift, personalised decisions while providing relevant service or product recommendations.

Get closer to your customers with an all-in-one platform

Invest in a solution that modernises your contact centre. Gain an omnichannel view to all crucial channels and exceed your customers expectations anytime, at scale.

Trusted by leading manufacturers around the world

Put customer experience at the top of your priority list.

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Provide a modern customer experience

Future-proof your contact centre with an all-in-one platform. Drive business growth and meet evolving customer expectations with Genesys. Connect your systems to build an integrated platform. Schedule a demo today to see how Genesys can help you better serve your customers.

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