Engage and motivate employees with gamification


Inspire your teams to perform better

Improve performance when it matters most

Empower your agents and managers with the insight needed to surpass performance goals in real time. Inspire employees to focus their efforts on driving results.

Make work fun for employees

Motivate employees with a fun and interactive environment. Gamification in the workplace encourages users to manage their KPIs and enjoy engaging with peers.

Use your data to plan ahead

Make data-driven business decisions based on in-depth analytics. Gain agent-level insights to build dynamic employee goals. Track trends to avoid potential attrition risks.

Bring game elements to the real world

Performance scorecards

Give employees visibility into their performance so they can see how it compares against personal goals and overall team efficiency. Allow them to drive improvements as individuals and team players.

Ditch the grunt work of reporting and data aggregation. AI-powered tools clean up your data and put it into usable dashboards. This lets managers track individual and team performances in real time. It also frees them to train or correct agents, as needed.


Set custom or standard metrics to measure agent performance in real time. As data is visualised on shared leaderboards, employees can earn points and recognition, individually and on teams.

Personalised development hub

Don’t just show performance; empower employees with the tools to improve. A single view lets them manage their performance, and access assigned learning content and upcoming coaching sessions.

TAP into employees’ natural motivation with gamification

Competition is a natural motivator. But it’s not the only thing that can improve employee performance. Humans also thrive on collaboration, achievement and recognition. Gamification in the workplace transforms the day-to-day employee experience by leveraging these factors.

The evolving world of remote work is inspiring a new type of management. It’s time to rethink how you manage employee performance and KPIs. No matter where your workers are located, a productive and engaged team improves operations.

Gamification appeals to your employees’ natural desire to compete. It lets you engage your team members in new ways. Transform daily activities with game mechanics, social media concepts and machine learning.

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Transform the contact centre employee experience

Give users a new perspective on meeting KPIs. Genesys lets you enhance visibility into daily objectives while empowering employees to self-manage, enjoy their work and encourage colleagues to excel. Built into the Genesys Cloud™ platform, gamification unlocks intrinsic motivations that don’t depend on rewards or deadlines. Instead, you can focus on agent behaviour and ways to work with those behaviours to enhance performance. Plus, it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Modernise performance management with embedded gamification

Gamified performance scorecards and leaderboards automatically consolidate key metrics from across the contact centre in real time. Our unique point system scores employee performance to provide actionable insights. With native gamification built right into your Contact Centre as a Service platform, it’s easier than ever to continually improve performance.

Create a culture of continuous improvement in your work environment

Gamified performance is accessible through the agent’s personalised activity view, which provides single-click access to everything needed to surpass performance objectives. A consolidated hub for performance, learning and training empowers agents with crucial insights and resources to reach their goals.

Level up your agent experience

Make work fun for your employees. Use game design dynamics to encourage agents to improve performance. Award points and other reward systems to show off agent achievements and promote greater teamwork — all in the same interface employees use to interact with customers.

Encourage friendly competition

Use the power of competition to improve employee engagement. Gamification strategies will help your employees achieve both short- and long-term goals. Witness the cumulative effect as increased engagement extends from individual shifts to overall annual performance.

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