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Embrace conversational AI for every customer

Global leaders in cloud contact centre software and enterprise cloud platform have teamed up to deliver AI-powered customer and employee experiences.

Improve customer experience by combining natural language understanding and speech capabilities from Google Cloud with industry leading cloud contact centre software from Genesys. Resolve basic issues with chatbots and voicebots that converse naturally. And empower agents with real-time assistance for interactions that need a human touch.

Improve customer service with AI that talks, understands and interacts

Chat bot


Give customers 24/7 access to immediate conversational self-service on web or mobile, using any digital channel. Ensure seamless handoffs to human agents for more complex issues.



Offload routine customer calls and augment your IVR with AI-powered voicebots. Free up your agents for more meaningful work.

Process person

Agent Assist

Empower agents with continuous support during their calls. Agent Assist identifies intent and provides real-time, step-by-step assistance.

Eye visible


Use natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment. Contact centre managers can learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.

Orchestrate seamless end-to-end customer experiences

Create and orchestrate bots for every channel, all from a single platform. Take control of your customer experience with Genesys cloud contact centre software. With a simple drag-and-drop tool, you decide on the best customer experience workflow and manage all of your AI automation and live agent interactions. You can go with fully automated interactions or only partial automation, where you seamlessly transition to a live agent.

Blind transfers are a thing of the past. Deliver a personalised experience to your customers with the full context of every automated interaction at your agents fingertips. Reduce customer and agent frustration with a blended experience that helps you better optimise your resources and extend the best experience.

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Genesys cloud contact centre software

Orchestrate customer experiences from start to finish. Genesys Cloud CX and Genesys Multicloud CX contact centre solutions let you create and manage conversational AI as part of your broader customer experience strategy.

Google Cloud Contact Centre AI

Deliver exceptional customer service and increase operational efficiency using artificial intelligence. Enable your virtual agent to converse naturally with customers using Dialogflow and expertly assist human agents on complex cases.

"Our customers have changed the way they interact with us. Without our AI, bots and automation tied together using Genesys AI, we couldn’t deliver this kind of service."

Pablo Oyarzun

Customer Experience Divisional Manager


Move the needle with Genesys and Google Cloud Contact Centre AI

Customer care

Foster relationships, not just transactions

Provide personalised support, 24/7 service and quick issue resolution, turning individual transactions into continued customer loyalty.

Graph bar growth

Increase CSAT and operational efficiency

Reduce call volume, achieve shorter handling times, and reduce agent training costs, making overall operations faster and more effective.


Turn every agent into a specialist

Free human agents to focus on more difficult and specialised calls, providing them with real-time information, workflows and turn-by-turn guidance.

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