Introducing Genesys
Blended AI with Google
Cloud’s Contact Center AI

Better customer experiences made easy with
advanced technology from Genesys and Google

Google and Genesys have partnered, so you can deliver new world-class customer experiences—blending AI and Google voice interaction technologies with Genesys call center automation and predictive routing.

See how customers can contact their favorite brands using chat or mobile messaging apps, and easily ask for help with basic questions—or even transactions.

Managing a customer’s AI transactions is easy, and you can blend AI with human interactions for more complex situations.

Watch the video to learn how to use blended AI to deliver faster, more effective customer experiences.

The right bot has context and purpose

Bot technology isn’t new. But, in the past, it took months to deploy. These new advancements get you up and running in mere days.

Plus, the Genesys call center platforms give bots the context to recognize customers, understand their history and preferences, and predict next actions to make customer experiences seamless
and painless.

Genesys and google ai

Bots with backup – Blended AI by Genesys

The Blended AI by Genesys approach means your customers always have a way to reach a human agent—and those call center agents are smarter and faster. All the information collected by the AI assistant regarding history, intent and predicted next steps is summarized in the agent workspace as part of the transfer.

Google cloud contact center ai diagram2

Bots with a view

The Blended AI by Genesys approach means your customers always have a way to reach a human agent—and those call center

Bots with view white text

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With AI, Genesys customers can:

chat web

Deliver effective natural language processing over many channels – phone calls, web chat, mobile messaging, smart speakers.


Use AI to train new interactions in days, not months.


Use the same integrations for third-party transactions that you do for internal systems and all Genesys products—no new systems to connect


Deliver exceptional, connected experiences where customers get answers directly, quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.


Comprehensive, 24/7 support maximizes voice channels by enabling off-hour use with scheduled callbacks during business hours.

time person

The blending of AI assistants and live agents ensures that your customers receive the right level of service at the righttime, aligned to their specific needs

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