Future-proof your contact centre

The Genesys Cloud™ platform gives you the scale and flexibility you need to always stay a step ahead.

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Compose a customer experience symphony

It’s hard to conduct a customer experience (CX) concerto when you have to spend the bulk of your IT resources just tuning instruments.

That’s where the composable all-in-one design of Genesys Cloud comes into play. Alongside an extensive suite of native capabilities, its open architecture makes it simple to integrate with existing systems or to extend functionality. Agents can quickly master its intuitive interface to craft more personalised, empathetic customer experiences. And you’ll be orchestrating new levels of IT harmony by continually balancing sustainability and innovation.

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See how an enterprise customer goes global with over 900 agents to personalise the digital buying experience for more than 5 million members worldwide.

Innovation without limitation

Genesys Cloud is designed to take full advantage of modern cloud strategies and technologies. A microservices-based architecture, API-first development, open data and artificial intelligence (AI) give you rapid innovation, agility and resilience. The platform’s composable design optimises your CX tech stack so you can focus on configuring and harmonising only the tools your business needs, with minimal disruption.

Differentiate faster

Use an optimal mix of platform APIs and the industry’s most comprehensive set of native productised features to create innovative experiences for customers and employees alike. Direct your development resources to high-impact projects instead of rebuilding apps that are already commercially available and easy to integrate.

Adapt easier

Say yes to more IT initiatives and sustain differentiation by empowering every layer of the business to adapt quickly to changes. Synthesise CX systems, data and channels with ease using out-of-the-box capabilities, simple integration methods, a robust marketplace and continuous innovation.

Orchestrate better

Modernise your contact centre with the Genesys Cloud API-first microservices architecture. Its modular, composable design enables you to orchestrate a CX tech stack that’s both flexible and resilient. Plus, Genesys can handle upgrades, innovation, security and management, greatly reducing your IT footprint and costs.

Platform architecture

Through a composable architecture that enables engineers to treat infrastructure as code, Genesys Cloud gives you unmatched scale, flexibility, uptime and security.

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Global regions

The Genesys Cloud platform is designed to provide maximum geographical coverage for companies worldwide.

Craft experiences others have yet to imagine

Create exceptional customer and agent experiences by arranging the ideal mix of capabilities for your unique business needs. And gain greater agility by consuming ready-made services you no longer have to build, saving you valuable time and resources.

Unify with all-in-one

Single solution

Genesys Cloud delivers the broadest and deepest set of all-in-one Contact Centre

as a Service (CCaaS) capabilities available to expedite progress, reduce complexity and simplify the user experience. This means your team doesn’t have to build as much. And, because of the constantly evolving power of the platform, your development work has a greater impact.

Single set of microservices

Deploy a single set of microservices built to work together from the start, including major services such as base, carrier, application, AI and analytics services. This speeds your deployment, expansion and access to innovation.

Single toolset

Give your developers a single set of contact centre APIs, SDKs and developer tools. Your team will spend less time learning different environments and connecting applications to deliver. And they’ll build on a complete solution in the cloud.

Single interface

Get a single do-it-all interface for developers, administrators, operations experts, supervisors and agents. From system configuration and customisation to engaging employees and customers in more personal ways, a single web-based interface makes it easy for your teams to do their jobs.

Single support team

While other cloud contact centre providers offer complete solutions, their underlying applications are typically built separately, combined later or come from third parties. Employing a wide range of powerful capabilities using a single set of services means you only have to work with one team of experts.

Add simply

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce

Add Genesys Cloud interaction controls directly into your Salesforce interface with a pre-built integration by Genesys. Interaction types supported include inbound voice, callback, outbound dialling, chat, email, messages and voicemail. You can also route Salesforce emails, add click-to-dial, store interaction details within Salesforce and more. A free trial and single-click install are available on the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace.

Bots with Genesys Cloud

Add the best bot for the best use case. Easily integrate AI chatbots and voicebots for conversational interactivity with customers. You can choose from our native bot solution and intuitive flow builder, Dialog Engine Bot Flows, or bring your own favourite bot from major providers including Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Nuance and more partners you can browse in the AppFoundry.

Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Connector

Connect your enterprise-grade systems to your contact centre software. With the Microsoft Teams integration, employees can easily communicate and collaborate across departments to boost knowledge-sharing and break down silos. And by integrating Dynamics, you can rapidly deliver customer information to agents during a call using call data from Genesys Cloud in concert with your Dynamics account. A free trial and single-click installation are available in the AppFoundry.


Browse the AppFoundry to choose from a curated selection of integrations, applications and services that complement the Genesys Cloud solution to meet your specific requirements. You’ll find CRM integrations, unified communications solutions, additional analytics tools, business intelligence, knowledge apps and more.

Partner network

Connect with one of our partners to customise your Genesys Cloud solution using an existing add-on app or something they’ve developed specifically for you. We’ll help you find the right partner based on your requirements and industry segment. Find the right value-add reseller, strategic alliance partner or technology partner, depending on your needs.

Extend easily

Web hooks

Use web hooks to automatically post notifications about events occurring in one of your enterprise web applications to Genesys Cloud chat rooms. You use a query to set up the types of events to push, and then select which chat rooms should receive those notifications. The Genesys Cloud platform supports web hook integrations with a variety of third-party systems, including Bitbucket, GitHub, Jenkins, JIRA, PagerDuty, Pivotal Tracker, StatusPage, Trello, UserVoice and Zendesk.

Data actions

Gather data using external systems and tools and then perform actions in Genesys Cloud applications. You can use pre-built data actions, or build custom ones, to make routing decisions within your interaction flow in Architect. Then present the information to your agents in scripts or act on data in other ways. Use our pre-built data actions for Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Genesys Cloud — or build custom actions against most JSON-based web services.

Events (Coming soon)

Genesys Cloud events let you react in real time to changing conditions within your contact centre, wire-up events from other enterprise applications, perform operations on schedule and more. Use Architect workflows to keep your enterprise applications communicating with each other and ensure they’re always synchronised.

Develop powerfully

Embeddable frameworks

Make it easy for your development team to put Genesys Cloud services inside your systems and tools with our embeddable framework. A common framework is shared by our CRM system and browser extension integrations, including Chrome, Firefox, Salesforce and Zendesk. The framework manages the interaction lifecycle, making API calls for the most common agent functions. Improvements to the Genesys Cloud platform are automatically available to your implementation.


Your developers can build almost anything, in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned public REST APIs that are used to build the Genesys Cloud all-in-one solution. Get APIs specific to your platform, co-browse, embeddable frameworks, screen share, web chat, web services, data dip, web hooks, WebRTC softphone and client apps. As an API-first native cloud, the Genesys Cloud platform handles billions of API requests weekly.


Grant developers access to client libraries that wrap REST API calls in a simple-to-use interface for integrating the Genesys Cloud platform with your other applications. Documentation and source code are provided for the following languages: JavaScript, Java, Microsoft .NET, Ruby, Python, iOS and Go.

Developer blueprints and templates

Quickly extend your Genesys Cloud functionality using developer blueprints and templates. Use easy step-by-step guides to address unmet business needs or import ready-to-use configuration assets, such as data actions, call flows and bots. Choose from a wide selection of existing support materials that allow you to discover and create novel solutions for your customers.

Genesys Cloud Developer Centre

Give your dev team one place to go for all they need to build on the platform quickly. The Genesys Cloud Developer Centre offers traditional resources, such as API and SDK documentation, open-source code examples and step-by-step tutorial projects. It also gives you access to easy-to-use development tools and a developer community for collaborating with experts.

Genesys Cloud Dev Community

Join the discussion in a forum curated by developer evangelists and contributors to the core Genesys Cloud platform. Use the forum to engage with experts on best practices, functional capabilities and common issues. And learn from your peers.

Consume flexibly

Three plans

Choose from three simple Genesys Cloud pricing plans, based on the capabilities you need.

Add-on bundles

Need a flexible option? Add digital channels and workforce management bundles to Genesys Cloud 1 or Genesys Cloud 2 plans, if you need them. Everyone in your organisation can have access to the additional capabilities, or you can limit access to specific users.

Billing options

Choose the billing option that works best for you: billing based on named users, concurrent users or at an hourly rate for the total duration of time users are logged into your Genesys Cloud solution.

Voice services

Use convenient and flexible voice services. Make it simple by using our VoIP telephony service, Genesys Cloud Voice or keep your existing cloud carrier service by choosing Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC).

Unified communications

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) capabilities are included with the Genesys Cloud all-in-one solution. You can use them to replace aging PBX systems and unify collaboration across the enterprise — or integrate with popular UCC solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom and others.

Trust with transparency

You need to trust the cloud solutions and platforms you use.
That’s why we openly seek and publish information about protection and performance.


Security is always our top priority. We ensure your data is protected at all times and we’re constantly innovating to keep it that way.


Your data is safe and you have full control over it. We stay on top of the latest privacy developments so that doesn’t change.


Regular audits and certifications ensure our cloud service meets a wide range of standards and compliance regulations.


Easily go online anytime to see our security policy and performance — operational status, availability metrics and incident history.

We have options to fit your needs

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