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Transform your contact centre with Genesys AI

Genesys AI brings together multiple artificial intelligence (AI) disciplines in a single platform to power exceptional customer and employee experiences. Conversational AI services with generative AI enable automation with a human touch. Predictive AI equips your team with deeper customer insights for personalisation and accurate forecasts to improve workforce planning. And the simplicity of implementing and maintaining a turnkey solution reduces cost and complexity.

Realise AI value faster

Embedded and ready out of the box, Genesys AI delivers value from Day One. Minimise expensive point solutions and empower your whole team with simple user interfaces.

Build customer loyalty

Become your customers’ top choice. Anticipate their needs and provide personalised service that differentiates your brand across every interaction.

Elevate employees with AI

Automate tedious tasks with call summarisation, forecasting and scheduling. Help employees provide the right answer with intent-based knowledge surfacing.

Orchestrate seamless, personalised experiences

Artificial intelligence for the contact centre can transform your entire customer experience (CX) strategy. Maximise efficiency while delivering experiences that grow customer relationships. Make agents’ jobs easier, boost revenue and grow customer loyalty.

Get beyond basic personalisation

A modern CX platform with embedded AI capabilities empowers you to deliver truly personalised experiences at scale, across global regions. AI-powered predictive engagement identifies customers’ behaviour patterns to predict segments and outcomes. Those predictions can drive automated offers and more personalised conversations.

Conversational AI lends a human touch to self-service by listening, understanding and engaging through natural language. AI enables deeper personalisation with unique customer insights. And because AI understands and predicts intent, it can help customers reach better resolutions faster. AI can recognise when an interaction needs human support and then pass conversational history and insight to the agent.

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Create a customer-focused workforce

The success of your CX strategy depends on your workforce. An AI-enabled workforce engagement management (WEM) solution can support, motivate and empower your team to deliver on your brand promise.

Smart process automation and real-time support for agents streamline the experience so your team can focus on your customers. The predictive power of AI equips managers with smarter workload forecasts to achieve work-life balance without jeopardising service levels. And with speech and text analytics, you can pinpoint each agent’s development needs for more personalised coaching. Gamified performance management and deeper customer insights provide the tools to keep your team focused and engaged.

Automate smarter in real time

Automation reduces the burden of simple, repetitive tasks. Smart automation does much more. It leverages your customer, employee and interaction data to drive real-time action and simplify workflows. That improves the user experience and optimises efficiency.

Genesys AI makes it easy to achieve those transformative results. Embedded AI models, automated data preparation, human-in-the loop optimisation and automated machine learning pipelines enable you to apply AI without a team of data scientists. Intuitive interfaces built for business empower your team with full control over AI configuration. And embedded analytics enable them to clearly understand and optimise outcomes.

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Protect your business with AI ethics

AI can generate exceptional value, but only if it’s built on an ethical foundation you can trust. Genesys follows strict AI ethics guidelines that safeguard your business by applying AI with a purpose, adhering to data standards and addressing bias.

AI capabilities are native to the platform, so they adhere to rigorous standards for security, privacy, transparency and fairness. Privacy design principles protect customer and employee data and your intellectual property. Explainability and transparency offer insight into how the algorithms are applied. That equips your team to understand the impact on your operation and maintain control over the outcomes.

Personalise and automate CX with AI Experience

Artificial intelligence in the call centre can automate workflows and conversations, enable smart personalisation and improve efficiency. AI Experience combines bots, knowledge, predictive engagement, predictive routing and agent assist into a single offering. These capabilities are designed to work together and, when used as a complete AI solution, amplify the value realised.

Boost performance and motivate employees

Artificial intelligence amplifies the impact of workforce engagement management by automating processes and equipping managers with actionable analytics. Accurate forecasts and flexible scheduling ensure you’ve got the right people in place to meet demand. And AI leverages your interaction data to ensure quality and compliance.

Make it easy to realise AI value

Purpose-built for CX

The platform delivers integrated native AI capabilities and results for a wide range of customer and employee experience use cases. Power inbound, outbound, self-service, digital, voice and employee experiences without patchworked point solutions.

Turnkey and easy to use

Genesys AI is ready to use out of the box. It eliminates typical barriers to AI adoption. Easily configure and optimise AI capabilities for your needs. Realise value immediately without the need for in-house AI specialists or a time-consuming science project.

Trusted, proven and secure

The Genesys approach to AI is thoughtful, ethical and designed to maximise value. All AI elements are built into a secure foundation. Thorough testing ensures they meet rigorous standards for security, transparency and data governance.

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Getting value from AI tools shouldn’t take an army of data scientists and developers. It should be easy, fast and reliable. With a turnkey solution purpose-built to elevate customer and employee experiences, you can realise value from the start. Request a demo to see how Genesys can help you provide greater customer self-service and optimised CX.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of automating customer services?

Automating customer support can offer several benefits. It can increase efficiency by handling routine queries, freeing up agents to handle more complex issues. It can provide 24/7 support, improve response times and reduce operational costs. Moreover, it can help gather customer data for insights and offer personalised experiences.

Are you ready to try automated customer service?

Genesys can provide information and answer any questions you might have about automated customer service. Chances are, you may already be leveraging AI to automate conversations, summarise calls, apply speech and text analytics, and more.

What types of artificial intelligence does Genesys AI support?

Genesys AI uses conversational AI, generative AI and predictive AI. Together, these embedded capabilities enable meaningful personalised conversations (digital and voice) between people and brands. They also automate customer service and enable better employee outcomes.

Through multiple forms of predictive modeling, Genesys AI calculates predictive outcomes and automates key decisions. Genesys AI uses natural language processing and NLU, generative AI, entity recognition and other extractive techniques to find new meaning in conversational data.