Genesys Rapid Response for Indian Civic Agencies and Businesses

Be there for your customers when they need you the most

Genesys Cloud CX. Up as quickly as 48 hours. Free 90-day licenses.

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Be there for your customers — and for each other

Moving your contact centre to the cloud lets you scale operations to handle the unprecedented demand. It’s more important than ever for businesses and remote teams to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. To help you maintain business continuity while ensuring the safety of your employees during this time, we have a number of options available.

Unlock the powerful combination of your people and our cloud

With Genesys Cloud CXᵀᴹ you can now take your contact centre to the cloud and keep your data in country. Not only does it provide the broadest set of customer engagement capabilities, it’s also now easily accessible from a local AWS data centre in India.

Take advantage of the flexibility of cloud to scale operations in-line with your business needs. Personalise your customer experience and reduce costs with an all-in-one cloud contact centre platform.

Go remote. Up as fast as 48 hours. Free 90-day licenses.

Cloud contact centre software to scale up capacity when you need it

  • Voice and email routing
    Keep communication flowing. Take phone calls, return callbacks, manage emails.
  • Interaction recording
    Stay compliant with recordings stored safely in the cloud.
  • Employee collaboration tools
    Enable teams to work together across distances with easy collaboration tools.
  • Agent and supervisor eLearning
    Make the transition smooth with on-demand training and education.
  • Installation in 48 hours
    No time wasted. We’ll work with you to get you up and running in as little as two days.
  • USD 5000 activation fee
    This is a one-time, fixed fee to get up and running.
  • No commitments
    Just a standard terms and conditions agreement. No obligation after 90 days.
  • 20-seat minimum
    For contact centres small and large. For non-profits, minimum may not apply.

The offer applies to customers who sign up on or before July 15, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Charges

What are the charges for using this offer?

The only charge for using this offer is a one-time cost of USD $5,000 for standard deployment. Telecom and network charges will be paid separately to the telco/service provider directly.

If I pay the activation fee while using the Rapid Response Offer, would I need to pay the fee again if I continue as a customer after the 90-day trial is over? 

We’ll only charge the activation fee once as long as there’s no change in terms of feature requirements, functionalities or Professional Services after the 90-day trial.

Will I get any further discounts once the 90-day trial is complete?

After the 90-day trial, you have the option to convert into a production environment based on mutually agreed commercial terms.

What other costs can I expect when enabling the Genesys Cloud CXTM platform?

Telecom, customer on-premises equipment infrastructure and network costs aren’t included in this offer.


Does Genesys Cloud CX support home/remote users?

Yes. Genesys Cloud CX supports home/remote users.

What functionality is available for remote users?

Voice can be provided for remote users with minimal configuration and rapid availability. If needed, email can be supported.

Can I use a web browser to access Genesys Cloud CX?

Yes. If you have a cloud system, client applications are natively accessible through the web. Please find a link to our browser requirements page:

If my users work remotely, do they require additional Genesys licenses?

Additional licenses are not required to work remotely.

Are voice calls recorded for remote users?

Recording policies can be configured to ensure all calls are recorded, regardless of user location.  Policies can also be configured so that specific users’ calls are not recorded, if required.

What type of phones can my remote users utilise?

Voice will work with all phones even over PSTN (mobile/landline). If your system supports WebRTC, it will work with the browser.

Deployment and Support

Can I set up and configure remote agents myself or does someone from Genesys have to do that?

Genesys Voice requires minimal configuration and can be enabled using your own internal support teams. For assistance, contact your Genesys partner.

How long will you take to implement the system/solution?

It will take as little as 48 hours for go-live after we have the prerequisite documents (Discovery Questionnaire, Purchase Order, Statement of Work, etc.) in place. This includes network and regulatory check points.

Will Genesys provide training to my users?

Yes, eLearning for agents and supervisors is included in this offer.

Where can I find more information about Genesys Cloud CX?

You can access Genesys Cloud CX documentation at

Terms and Conditions

What are the requirements for using this offer?

All customers need to issue a Purchase Order and sign a Statement of Work to use this offer. To ensure an easy delivery of services, customers must provide all information, as per the Discovery Questionnaire, to the Genesys Professional Services team. All prerequisite documents must be submitted before using the offer.

What are the other prerequisites needed to use Genesys cloud?

  1. AWS Direct Connect from authorised telecom service provider
  2. Domestic SIP trunk from authorised telecom service provider
  3. Session Border Controller or any other hardware

What is the minimum number of seats that can be provided under this offer?

A minimum of 20 seats is required to use this offer.

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