1/3 Bitesize webinar series… Workforce Engagement Management

Enable Employees to Surpass Performance Goals

Performance Management, Learning and Coaching

On-Demand Webinar

The success of your contact centre hinges on a lot of moving parts, and the linchpin is employee performance. Today workforce engagement capabilities give you full, continuous insights into agents’ individual performance metrics and collective team strengths. Workforce engagement tools identify what your best agents are doing right and where there’s room for growth. This makes it easier for managers to provide individualised coaching and team training on key skills.

Join this webinar and learn more on:

  • Employee development tools
  • Integrated learning and training
  • Coaching at the right moment
  • Gamified performance leader boards
  • Rewards and recognition

Delivering exceptional experiences doesn’t stop with the customer. Creating great employee experiences is critical to elevating your brand and CX to achieve maximum brand loyalty.

Join this webinar series to hear how workforce engagement tools bring managers and employees together to provide next-level customer service.

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Meet the Speakers


Annemarie Hodgson
Senior Solution Consultant


Andrew Thean
Principal Solution Consultant