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Customer experience is the new frontier for maintaining a competitive advantage. A personalised, customer-centric approach across all channels differentiates your brand and builds loyalty. Deliver superior experiences and drive digital transformation at any scale with the Genesys EngageTM on-premises customer engagement solution.

Unify all customer-facing teams with Genesys Engage

Unified experiences

Unify all voice and digital channels, self-service, work items, and inbound and outbound interactions. Get the foundation you need to create more holistic, personalised experiences for your customers and employees.

Powerful routing

Match the right resource to the right customer for better results. Best-in-class enterprise routing makes the most of automated and assisted engagements. Monitor it all in real time with unparalleled analytics.

Make it your own

There’s virtually no end to the ways you can deploy and use Genesys Engage. Customise your unique environment with pre-built integrations or build it yourself using our APIs and SDKs.

Genesys ranked highest in growth and innovation in 2023 Frost & Sullivan report

Our commitment to AI and digital capabilities to improve both the customer and employee experiences helped secure our position as a leader.

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See what Genesys Engage can do

Choose from a powerful suite of all-in-one channels and applications, where the context and content of a customer’s journey are never lost, and employees have the information they need in a tool they’ll love using — even when they’re working remotely.

Digital customer engagement

Digital customer engagement

Web messaging

Quickly resolve any customer situation with web chat. It enables your agents to respond immediately or step in proactively if a transaction stalls. Easily transition from a self-service chatbot to a live agent with full interaction and customer context.


Turn simple inquiries into asynchronous dialogs, providing agents with full context and understanding of each conversation. Keep your customer experience consistent by applying your engagement rules, no matter the channel.


Allow agents to handle thousands of email messages daily while ensuring timely and effective responses. Business users can easily set up categorisation, routing and prioritisation rules to meet their SLAs in the most efficient way.

Customer self-service

Speech-enabled IVR

Say goodbye to static and complex IVR call flows. With Genesys Engage, you can easily create dynamic self-service flows across channels with speech recognition, text-to-speech and natural language technologies at scale. The outcome is a frictionless experience for your customers as you quickly address their needs.


Elevate and expand your self-service by adding conversational voicebots to your IVR. Whether you prefer Google Contact Centre AI, Amazon Lex, Microsoft Luis or any other vendor, you can import, build and orchestrate industry-leading AI dialog flows at scale — all while staying in control of self-service performance with insightful analytics.


Let bots instantly address customer questions as they engage through digital channels on any device. Expand self-service with interactive menus, forms, pictures and videos. And use AI machine learning to continuously improve chatbot accuracy, speeding up future engagements and increasing customer satisfaction.

Inbound routing

Inbound routing

Virtual agent groups

Surpass the limitations of classic ACD. Incorporate virtual agent groups to provide dynamic customer-to-agent connections without touching your routing rules. You’ll benefit from reduced administration, maximum routing accuracy and greater agent efficiency.


Offer customers the convenience of a callback from any device. Callers keep their spot in line, but don’t have to wait on hold. Instead, they’ll receive an outbound call when an agent is available or they can schedule a call for a time that’s more convenient. Consumers benefit from the convenience, and you level out peak call volumes.

Work item routing

Stay in control of work items — even those not typically within a call centre, such as sales leads, service requests and disputes. And do this all with the same SLAs, visibility, routing control, tracking and reporting. You gain visibility into operational performance across the enterprise and your customers don’t get lost as they engage outside the contact center.

Outbound campaigns

Outbound campaigns

Campaign management

Consistently stay in control of all your outbound campaigns.
For your largest, most complex campaigns, maximise productivity with dialing rates of more than 125 calls per second across voice, SMS and email. The user-friendly interface lets you define rules, automate list imports and see the results.

Inbound-outbound blending

Genesys Engage gives you the freedom to blend inbound and outbound agents — from a specific agent group to the entire agent population. When inbound calls are peaking, you can automatically offload calls to outbound agents. The results are increased agent utilisation and reduced overall call wait times.

Proactive notifications

Tell your customers and prospects what they need to know at the right moment.
Proactively reach out in a timely, personalised and contextual way using their favorite channels, such as voice calls, email or SMS.

Compliance rules

When it comes to outbound, you need to stay in compliance with local, regional and global regulations. Leverage user-friendly and native role-based tools to quickly create, modify and audit compliance rules.

Workforce optimisation

Workforce optimisation

Interaction recording

Voice and digital recordings drive quality, enhance training and ensure compliance. Monitor engagements across channels, track productivity and discover improvement areas. Stay compliant with the flexibility to encrypt and store recordings as mandated. Your employees will be more productive, and you protect your business with transactions that hold up in a court of law.

Interaction analytics

You can’t rely on chance.
Unlock customer interaction insights hidden within your unstructured data. By combining speech and text analytics, recordings and quality, you can better understand employee behaviors that affect your service quality. Genesys Interaction Analytics automatically processes millions of data points with the highest accuracy to create actionable insights.

Workforce management

Make employee schedules the heart of work-life balance. Native workforce management lets planners build schedules that deliver on service-level objectives, adhere to labor laws and satisfy employees’ preferences. Easily control your diverse workforce, whether in-house or outsourced, across locations, communication channels, skills and work items — all from a single, centralised command centre.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Real-time monitoring

See all that’s happening as it unfolds. Dashboards let you monitor and analyse contact centre data so you can spot trends in real time and take immediate action. With the dashboard wizard tool, you can quickly customise views to your specific needs. Users can generate data visuals based on any number of parameters, KPIs and graphics.

Historical reporting

Spot trends and gain a clearer view of what’s happening using any contact centre data point. Out-of-the-box reports let you measure contact centre KPIs from day one and then customise to make your data relevant and actionable. Add external data from across the business to make your reports even more insightful.

Designer analytics

Know your contact centre is working at peak performance.
Quickly diagnose faults, navigate problems and identify situations that affect operations. Dig deep into each of your contact centre applications — like bots, routing rules or self-service — to see if your current configuration is functioning optimally based on business goals and customer needs.

Integrations and apps

Integrations and apps

CRM integrations

Built-in integrations deploy quickly and configure easily. Pre-built CRM integrations are available for Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Now you can equip contact centre employees with all the tools they need in a single interface.

AppFoundry Marketplace

Whether you want to integrate with a business intelligence system or introduce capabilities like video or gamification, the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace has a solution. There are also specialised applications available for specific industries.

APIs and SDKs

Take customisation to the next level. Build what you envision, in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned public REST API that Genesys developers use. Our APIs, SDKs and open-source projects are continually updated, and our Developer Community is eager to help.

Security and reliability

Proactive security

Genesys Engage maintains strong encryption, logical isolation, stringent security standards and multifactor authentication. Industry-leading monitoring tools and quality assistance processes ensure our security experts proactively find issues long before they affect you.

Comprehensive risk management

A comprehensive approach to security safeguards your critical data and protects your assets from threats. We take a multifaceted approach to mitigating risk, including ensuring the entire Genesys ecosystem is thoroughly monitored and evaluated for potential risks.

Industry compliance

Genesys maintains multiple key industry and regional certifications, including HITRUST and GDPR. This means your business can ensure your customers’ data remains private and your operations comply with regional and industry regulations.

Give employees what they need to succeed

Your customer experience is only as good as your employees. Guide their success with technology, training, information and support to help them effectively and efficiently deliver a seamless, personalised customer experience.

Genesys Engage empowers employees to manage interactions and work items with supporting context and knowledge through integration with CRM systems, other applications and knowledge bases. With an enterprise-wide presence, employees can seamlessly collaborate and reach experts for additional support. Optimise resources across every channel with forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, monitoring and real-time adjustments. Match interactions and work items to the right employee across the enterprise.

Increase in customer satisfaction

First call resolution

Reduction in queue times


Allies make for great customer experiences

Orchestrating amazing experiences requires myriad technologies, tightly integrated and coordinated among multiple vendors. Genesys Engage optimises your unique infrastructure through pre-built integrations, APIs, service experts and a continually growing network of global partners.

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