Bringing AI and support teams together, so you can engage smarter

Genesys DX supercharges your customer IQ with vital business data to fuel smarter interactions

Empowering businesses to deliver better customer outcomes

Finding ways to help you create better customer experiences has always been our passion. Now the Genesys DX™ solution brings groundbreaking intelligence to every interaction — putting customer insights to work in real time, across every channel, at the point of engagement.

Fastest time to value

Genesys DX is ready to go on day one. Because it starts providing actionable insights from the very first customer interaction, we’re confident there’s no faster time to value from any other artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software on the market today.

360-degree view of customer

Genesys DX synthesises data from every touchpoint, and even disparate systems, to fuel greater understanding of your customers. Your support team is empowered to provide more personalisation, and customers are routed to the best resource, wherever it may be.

Harmony to bots and humans

As the industry’s most tightly integrated support team and bot solution, Genesys DX uses AI to help your team be more effective and efficient, unburden employees from repetitive tasks, and provide seamless transitions from bots to live human support. It’s the best of both worlds.

Genesys is the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions

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Spanning over 100 countries, we
cover a lot of ground.
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Maybe one day we’ll get Antarctica, but until then we have the other continents covered.
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Genesys employees work together to create the best customer experiences.