Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Genesys

Making change happen – one person at a time

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Global DE&I pillars

Workforce diversity

Increase diverse representation in our workforce. We focus on diversity and equity practices to increase the diversification of our employee base with a focus on women globally, as well as race and ethnicity in the United States.

Workplace equity and development

Embrace DE&I principles across the Genesys talent management framework; implement DE&I training across the enterprise. Corporate training educates all employees on topics that include systemic inequities, biases, microaggressions, allyship, empathy and respect.

Inclusion and belonging

Foster an inclusive and empathetic environment at Genesys with an intentional focus on cultural programming activities. Increase intercultural competency and understanding within the organisation and throughout society.

Inclusion at Genesys

Global inclusion at Genesys is our conscious effort to support diversity and equity beyond processes and policies. We offer our employees the time, space and budget to meet and promote true belonging and placemaking. Genesys is proud to support employee resource groups and regional DE&I Councils that promote global cross-cultural understanding and connections to our One Genesys culture.

Genesys is proud to support grassroots, employee-led inclusion groups. We have six major inclusion groups whose work aligns with helping us achieve not only representation goals, but our efforts to create a culture of belonging and empathy. In addition, over the last year, we’ve developed regional DE&I Councils in all regions where we do business to address the unique cultural nuances of our global workforce.

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Genesys Asian Impact Network (GAIN)

Our mission: Act as a platform to celebrate, bridge and embrace the uniqueness of Asian cultures by providing initiatives focused on representation, education and connection for Asian employees at Genesys.

Our vision: Break down the cultural barriers and biases to strengthen employee relationships and enhance workplace experiences. Our purpose is to empower Asian employees in their career development and advancement to be successful in a global workplace.

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Genesys Black Employees and Allies Membership (GBEAM)

Our mission: Cultivate a space for Black employees and their allies to collaboratively build a professional development framework that assists in the advancement of current Black talent while building a channel for future Black talent at Genesys.

Our vision: We seek to cultivate a community of empathy — holding space for education, authenticity and affirmation of the unique experiences and identities of Black employees, through knowledge gained from internal and external community outreach and engagement.

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Genesys Latinx in Tech (GLiT)

Our mission: Increase participation and advancement of Latinx in the Genesys workforce.

Our vision: To promote cultural awareness to all Genesys employees by sharing our Latinx culture. We strive to ensure a healthy inclusive environment as a familia to achieve equity at all levels.

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Genesys LGBTQIA+ (G+)

Our mission: Cultivate equal opportunities for professional development. Encourage continuous learning and understanding of the LGBTQIA+ experience. Create a safe place for those in the community. Advocate for ourselves and our communities — locally and globally. Empower all to bring their whole selves to work. Be proud. Be bold. Be inclusive.

Our vision: Nurture a community of empathy. We hold space for education, authenticity and affirmation of the unique experiences and identities of LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, through the knowledge gained from internal and external community outreach and engagement.

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Genesys Women in Tech (GWIT)

Our mission: Take action and lead the change to amplify women’s voices and learn from one another for personal and professional growth.

Our vision: Promote gender equality by empowering and inspiring a community of women and allies in technology.

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Genesys Women of Colour (GWOC)

Our mission: Influence the hiring, retention and promotion of more women of colour globally, support these women by providing a community and encouraging an environment for them to excel and thrive.

Our vision: Promote a workforce that understands the true meaning of empathy, connection and cultural understanding through exposure to and education of diverse backgrounds, realities and lifestyles. We strive to contribute to a culture of mutual respect and open dialogue where diversity in thought and experiences is encouraged and valued.

 Our journey

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a core part of how we measure our business success.

Our workforce is made up of talented individuals who bring together diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. We celebrate our differences, knowing that the more we represent global diversity within Genesys, the better prepared we are to innovate and meet the challenges
and opportunities of modern society.

We commit to further increasing diversity within our workforce by focusing on gender, racial and ethnic representation. As part of this commitment, Genesys strives for our workforce to be as diverse as the markets in which we work by 2030.

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We have set diversity goals for our workforce and leadership:


Women (Globally): 35%
Underrepresented groups (US): 32%


Women (Globally): 40%
Underrepresented groups (US): 32%

In FY22 we achieved:

Women in Genesys

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Underrepresented groups in Genesys

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Underrepresented groups in the workforce increased from 19.8% to 21.6%; underrepresented groups in leadership roles increased from 18.9% to 20.4%.
This reflects positive trends in our overall gains in representation of 9.1% in the US workforce and 7.9% in leadership for the US.

Measuring belonging and fairness

In addition to representation, we implemented the Inclusion Index, which takes a multidimensional approach to measuring how our employees feel about their abilities to be their authentic selves at work, if they feel as though they belong, and if Genesys fosters an equitable environment for them to achieve career development goals. With the Inclusion Index, we can assess sentiments of belonging, empathy, fairness and equity. It allows us to identify potential disparities and pinpoint actions to drive improvements in the employee experience.

YOY: Inclusion Index

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We saw significant improvement in how women and members of underrepresented groups view equitable access at professional growth opportunities as well as their sense of belonging at Genesys. This helped close disparity gaps in sentiment around fairness by 8% and belonging by 5% from the previous year.

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“At Genesys, our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles centre on empathy — a cultural cornerstone where every voice is heard, valued and understood. We believe it’s our responsibility to address systemic inequities in our people and business practices and foster a culture of inclusion where every employee feels they belong, and their uniqueness is appreciated.”

Eric Thomas,
Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Better, together

Working together, we’re making diversity, equity and inclusion a core part of the Genesys identity. And we’re working to achieve our mission of ensuring each employee has equitable access to opportunities and feels their voices are heard, valued and understood.

Leading with empathy and inclusion

At the heart of our DE&I journey is our emphasis on empathy and inclusion. It’s embedded as foundational elements to our corporate values and a value our employees exemplify in their lives. Whether it’s through grassroots employee-led affinity groups or executive engagement, our culture is built on ensuring even the most marginalised has a voice and that all are valued.

Using data to inform equitable strategies

We’ve taken a data-informed view to ensuring all processes, policies and systems are equitable. Data shouldn’t be limited to how we measure uptime; it extends to how we measure empathy and equitable opportunities for all.

Experiences that matter

People are at the centre of our work. Using principles adopted from design thinking and Agile processes, we are continuously improving the experience for all people — from our employees to our customers. Creating differentiated experiences is about how we treat each other — with respect and fairness.

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DE&I Inspire awards

Now in its second year, DE&I Inspire recognition was created to acknowledge outstanding performers who deliver excellence in advancing our One Genesys culture values and DE&I core principles of empathy and inclusion. The categories align with the pillars of our Global DE&I office. Our 2022 honorees are:

“There is a depth of talent and strength of thought that comes from blending multiple world views, being open-minded, and being truly instinctively curious about what others think and why they think differently that reveals truths that are often overlooked or misunderstood. So you end up with a stronger overall company — and with a more attractive and broader footprint that enhances our ability to engage with our customers in an effective and well understood manner.”

Brian Spencer, Principal Enterprise Architect

“Do the work and really allow yourself to be okay with the option that what you think you know can change and evolve. Evaluate where in your life you have privilege and analyse where you can utilise your privilege to help someone else. We can’t do everything, but we can do something. And we are better when we do it together.”

Ashley Norman, Proposal Manager

“Volunteerism is just second nature to me. Whether you’re helping people in crisis or walking dogs at your local animal shelter, be involved in an organisation that is meaningful to you. You are giving your time and energy to something larger than yourself.”

Johanne Ibsen, Senior Account Executive