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We value people and practice empathy. Genesys employees listen and seek to understand before acting. We excel as a team — thinking “Genesys first,” not “me first” — and support decisions we may not agree with. Talent is distributed, work is distributed, decisions are distributed, people are empowered, goals are aligned. There is no finger pointing; instead, we help each other and celebrate successes together as One Genesys.

Genesys values

An organisation is only as strong as its values. At Genesys, we work together toward three common goals to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and our employees.

Embrace Empathy

We demonstrate empathy by cultivating an environment of openness, caring and belonging where we push each other to improve.

Fly in formation

We collaborate to achieve shared goals by operating with agility as a cohesive team — One Genesys.

Go Big

We strive as a team to raise the bar on our performance and focus on creating a positive impact in our ecosystem.

Pay and benefits

Each Genesys location has its own unique benefits package that our employees can take advantage of. Here are some of the top benefits available to our employees located in the United States.

Time to recharge and give back

With open time off, getting away from work is as simple as a conversation with your manager. We give and with available volunteer time off, so you can serve the causes that matter to you most.

The coverage you need

Genesys provides a variety of plans to tailor your coverage across medical, dental, vision and telehealth to ensure you have peace of mind about your physical and mental health.

Great ideas come from anywhere

Our employees can work remotely. With supportive tools, team members collaborate in the comfort of their homes. We have offices around the world, but we commit to virtual employment globally.

Training and development

We all want to continue to grow. Genesys has internal resources for professional development and offers educational reimbursements to help you achieve your short-term and long-term professional goals.

Invest in your future

No waiting period or restrictions. The Genesys 401K is as flexible as it gets. We match up to $4000 each year. And with Brightplan, you’ll connect with financial expertise to set yourself up for financial success.

Support for families

Family matters most. Therefore, Genesys offer up to $20,000 per year for fertility/infertility treatments and $3,500 towards adoption, to reduce the financial burden of growing your family.

The right frame of mind

At Genesys, we choose behaviours and practices that promote stress management and mental health, such as Free Fridays during the month of August to allow ample opportunity to live your best life.

Maternity/paternity leave

To ensure you have the time you need to welcome your child, Genesys offers 12 weeks of parental leave with no waiting period, regardless of birth, adoption or fostering.

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