Your customers’ experiences span more than one moment and channel. So should your AI.

Genesys AI connects moments that matter to power continuous personalisation at scale.

Intelligent automated routing

See what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for your contact centre

Customers expect a smooth, personalised experience when they engage with you, on whichever channel they choose – whether the resource is bot or an agent. And they don’t want to repeat themselves.

Keep customers satisfied by predicting their intent and addressing issues proactively with AI-driven bots or best-matched agents.

Today’s call centre doesn’t need to be a cost centre. With AI, you’ll deliver customer and employee experiences effectively, efficiently — and profitably.

Tap into the full power of AI and see what’s possible.

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Focus on the customer. Elevate business performance.

Grow revenue

Grow revenue

Drive conversion and retention by predicting online visitors’ buying intent. Proactively connect qualified customers and prospects with the right offer at the precise moment they need it.

Lower costs

Lower costs

Handle more tasks and resolve issues faster with automated chatbots. AI lets you schedule the right number and type of employees as business demand fluctuates.

Boost performance

Boost performance

Maintain customer context across interactions and offer real-time recommendations. Match outcomes with each employee to capture training needs and pair the best agent to each customer interaction.

The only valuable data is data you can use.

When it comes to real-time engagement, there’s a lot of data and technology you could use to personalise interactions. Genesys AI can seamlessly integrate CRM systems, native AI capabilities and machine learning algorithms, as well as third-party technologies. It augments your valuable data with insights into customer-bot and customer-employee interactions. Genesys makes your data AI-ready, bringing richer customer and employee experiences to life.

know me

Know me. Remember me.

Your customers want to be remembered when they engage with you, and that means using all available data. Chances are you’re not making use of that data when it matters. Show your customers you know and value them by arming your virtual assistants and employees with content and history across systems.

Genesys AI connects all relevant data across real-time, historical and asynchronous engagements; digital and voice channels; and human and bot interactions —- as well as CRM and other internal systems — so your customers always feel remembered. And that builds brand and customer loyalty.

Help me

Help me. Now.

Addressing website visitors’ needs in real time — fast and accurately — will turn them into loyal return customers. By capturing intent, Genesys chatbots and voicebots select the best response from all available AI sources, including third parties. If needed, these virtual assistants seamlessly hand off the conversation to the most appropriate employee. Agents are empowered with a real-time, next-best library of actions and offer recommendations — freeing them up to spend time on more important actions, like conversing with customers.

Wow me

Wow me. Keep me.

Dazzle your customers with a service that makes your brand pop. You’ll also know which sites they visited before getting to you — and what they were looking for. By knowing their intent, you can proactively engage those prospects who are likely to buy and help them when they need it — before they reach out. Engage employees more effectively and boost performance by using correlation analysis to understand best practice interaction patterns and identify individual skills gaps.

"Perhaps the most important thing I have learnt from my experience is the value of having a fully integrated forecasting and scheduling tool. When you can see the whole value chain, you get much greater insight into the way that the contact centre performs and can make much more accurate forecasts."

Grethe Smith-Meyer

Vice President Contact Centre Operations


Genesys AI connects the customer and employee experience

Predictive Engagement

Genesys Predictive Engagement uses AI to find, win and keep online prospects and customers by engaging them at the right time — and with the right resources and actions.

Chatbots and Voicebots

Genesys AI unifies and orchestrates Genesys and third-party bots across all messaging and voice channels while optimising the customer journey. This powers exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Agent Assist

Genesys Agent Assist monitors customer-agent conversations to provide agents with real-time recommendations and next-best actions.

Predictive Routing

Genesys Predictive Routing improves overall business performance by identifying and connecting the most ideal employee to fulfill each customer inquiry, based on expected outcomes.

Employee Performance

Analyse employee performance and identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours of top performers. Use that data and other characteristics to create employee profiles to better match employees to each customer and situation.

Forecasting and Scheduling

Automatic short-term forecasting and scheduling capabilities ensure that the right staff, with the right skills, are available to meet fluctuating demands.

Interaction Analytics

Genesys Interaction Analytics empowers organisations to mine recording content for key events and language to gain insight into the customer experience, agent performance, sales and compliance requirements.

Rewards and Recognition

Genesys nGAGEMENT uses machine learning to detect and act on behavioural trends of employees to gamify contact centre KPIs. As a result, employee performance and engagement levels rise and scheduling is optimised based on peak performance predictions.


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Connect the moments that matter to power personalisation at scale

Learn how AI-driven automation and capabilities can deliver the seamless, personalised experience your customers expect and employees need for success.

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