Improve healthcare with a connected patient experience

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Transform patient journeys with empathetic interactions

Quality patient journeys drive outcomes, satisfaction, care plan adherence and efficiencies. And while today’s patients expect secure, empathetic interactions across channels, their healthcare experiences are fragmented.

Support patients, care teams, employees and providers with Genesys — no matter the hour or channel. Our ePHI secure cloud environment means you can be confident you’re compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, PCI and more.

Put patients at the centre of every touchpoint

Connect your whole team

Revolutionise patient experiences

Patients and members want holistic support. Give them the digital tools and multichannel experiences they expect. Let them manage their wellness at the most convenient time and channel with the best resource.

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Focus on what matters

Your care team and staff need quality information to provide exceptional care. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation and electronic health record (EHR) integrations improve patient and member experiences.

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Drive efficient, sustainable care

Measure and improve your patient and member experiences with quality management solutions. Leverage task-based workflows to manage referrals, billing, claims, health inquiries and care transfers.

Empower patients, members and care teams with convenience

Patients and care teams must navigate more channels than ever before. Genesys delivers the solutions you need to provide modern patient experiences — all from a unified platform. Streamline patient engagement with a leading healthcare call centre solution.


Make patient access a priority

Go forward with a focus on patient access, even as post-pandemic demands on health systems increase. Give patients the answers and empathetic support they deserve. Genesys helps eliminate patient journey disruptions, such as long wait times or difficulty connecting with the right resource.

Integrate your EHR to put data into action. Drive efficiencies and reduce patient leakage with automation, digital deflection and quality management. Increase patient loyalty and care plan adherence. And enhance your patient experience across every interaction with AI.


Provide virtual care at scale

Demand for healthcare services is on the rise. From aging populations to chronic disease management, there’s an increasing need for creative care models. Genesys has solutions to support virtual care plan management and nursing.

Get the resources to support contact centres focused on telehealth as well as behavioral and chronic disease wellness. Connect patients virtually with nurse triage, remote patient monitoring and home care workflows. Reduce strain on urgent and emergency care centers while improving patient access.

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Create better member, employee and provider experiences

Fee-for-outcome models are becoming the norm for Medicare, Medicaid and governments. Care plans, wellness programs and adherence are critical to reaching patient outcomes. Members and patients must understand their care plans and be empowered to stick to the regimen.

Understand the quality of the experiences you’re providing. Genesys makes it easy to find interactions that need extra support, such as coverage determination. With our contact centre software, you can improve CAHPS and Star ratings — and drive better member and patient engagement.

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Automate and improve routine pharmacy interactions

Patients will always have questions about their medications. Automating calls about refills, renewals and other pharmacy inquiries gets patients answers faster. And it reduces strain on pharmacy management when deeper patient and care team engagement is needed.

You can even automate routine interactions. Care teams can remind patients to follow care plans or provide medication guidance — without making a live call. And quality tools make it possible to identify issues with medication adherence.

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Harness HIT and medical device insights

Health information technology (HIT), including EHRs and IoT medical devices, powers every patient journey. Providers have more patient insights than ever before, including medical device data and digitised health information. Interactions connected with this information drive evidence-based medicine.

Connect the dots across your patient journey to improve patient and employee experiences. Communicate what matters to patients, such as device maintenance reminders or diagnostic results.

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Deliver empathetic support during crises

Give patients access to services when it matters most. During emergency management or disaster response, your health system should always be ready to meet increased demand. The right technology will scale and adapt at a moment’s notice.

Patients, care teams and families need responsive services in the event of a pandemic, natural or human-made disasters, or public health crises. Give them access to information without long queues. AI-powered capabilities keep time-to-resolution short, ensuring assisted service is always available for those who need it.

Deliver secure, connected experiences at every touchpoint

Elevate your standard of care across every channel. Shift from traditional call centre services to personalised patient engagement.

Digital service automation

Automate pharmacy, patient and care team interactions.


Equip your patients and members with self-service tools.


Deliver accurate, easily understood information.

Data security and infrastructure

Get secure, compliant cloud contact centre solutions.

Predictive web engagement

Anticipate patient needs and help guide their journeys.


Automate calls with natural language-enabled bots.

Workforce engagement

Create better experiences for your clinical contact centre team.


Quickly deploy pre-built integrations with your EHR and other systems.

Patient journey management

Anticipate needs and guide patient experience over time and across channels.

Reporting and analytics

Get insights to proactively support patients, providers and payers.

Artificial Intelligence

Drive personalised customer service at scale with Genesys AI

Automated routing

Route to the right pharmacy or clinical resource every time.

Leading healthcare organisations and insurers are transforming the patient experience

Experience the seamless, automated processes other healthcare organisations rave about.

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Transform your patient and provider experience

The time for holistic patient engagement is now. With all-in-one customer experience and medical call centre software, you can engage on any channel. Use personalised communications to improve health outcomes.

See Genesys in action. Request a free demo today. See how our solutions provide better patient, member, employee and provider experiences.

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