Boost your company’s Net Promoter Score

Three best practices for the contact centre

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key indicator of customer loyalty. These three best practices deliver a customer experience that increases your NPS:

  1. Use predictive routing to anticipate your customers’ needs and direct them to the team member who can best help them.
  2. Create a connected customer journey with personalised interactions across all channels.
  3. Finally, don’t overlook the power that proactive communication has in building loyalty. Reach out to customers to share information and resolve problems, instead of waiting for them to contact you.

Keep reading for more details on how to begin improving your Net Promoter Score.

Anticipate your customers’ needs

Unlock the data that you already have on all of your customer interactions. Turn it into actionable information that you can use to anticipate customer needs. Predictive routing uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to mine your valuable data. Create the best match for every customer, whether it’s self-service informed by use cases and customer data, or a live agent with the ability to create the desired business outcome. With an omnichannel desktop, all of the information that the agent needs to personalise the experience is right in front of them.

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Connect customer journeys across all channels

Connect customer journeys across all channels

Customer journeys rarely occur on a single channel. They might begin on a website or mobile app, move into social or SMS, and then turn into a phone call when your customer can’t get the answer that they need. It’s important to provide a consistent customer experience across every channel. Recognise and use previous interactions to personalise the experience. Use a single customer experience platform that integrates your channels and has the flexibility to add new channels as customer preferences change.

Be proactive, personalised and relevant

Sometimes the best customer experiences involve proactively informing customers or solving their problems without them having to contact you. When you send highly personalised, timely and relevant notifications through your customer’s preferred channel, you create effortless interactions and improve engagement. Proactive notifications could include order confirmations, fraud alerts, outage notifications, payment confirmations and more.

The key to using proactive and automated communications to build relationships is to make it intuitive. Make it easy for customers to contact you and engage an agent for additional help when needed.


“Vodacom already had the highest NPS across consumer and enterprise, but we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. We want to be the world’s best for customer experience—so we built NPS into the agent’s desktop. After each contact they get a score and adjust their behaviour based on feedback”.

David Morrow, Managing Executive for Digital & Customer Experience, Vodacom

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