Improve contact centre agent performance

Build a more effective contact centre team

Increasing agent performance is critical to running your contact centre more efficiently and meeting daily, monthly and quarterly goals. Improvement starts with visibility into every interaction and the analytics to get valuable, actionable insights. It is also important to reduce the time to resolution and improve collaboration among your team. Training also increases performance, allowing individual agents to serve a wider range of customers and efficiently deliver a great experience for every interaction.

Collaborate across teams for greater productivity

Improve your team’s effectiveness with collaboration tools that let them share ideas and get things done more easily. With instant, real-time collaboration, your agents can better serve customers, quickly resolve issues and interact with extended team members. Collaboration also simplifies working across locations and time zones. When you improve your team’s communication, you also improve problem solving, skill development and sharing of successes.

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Serve your customers better with quality insights

Serve your customers better with quality insights

The ability to record calls and screens from all customer interactions can be a game changer when you want to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and team performance. Use interaction analytics to automate the process of listening to conversations and analysing them, to better understand interactions. The result is insights into trends, issues and performance that can be used to improve the quality of your customer engagements, make better decisions and increase the effectiveness of your agents.

Turn every agent into a top performer

True performance management involves understanding the skills, knowledge and other attributes that make your top performers so successful. With this, you have a blueprint for increasing the skills, knowledge and other attributes of all of your agents. Use all available performance data to tell you, by role, what great performance looks like, and identify the gaps for each employee. You have the insights necessary to provide individualised coaching and training, and to improve performance across your team.


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