Business automation


Route customers more efficiently with true business automation

Frontline agents often receive calls that can’t be solved over the phone. Typically, this results in a work item request for an additional resource. But how long does it take to get to the correct resource?

True business automation captures all work items, no matter the sources, and finds the best resource—back office, outsourcers, inside sales or another option. It then automatically assigns the item based on unified business logic. This automated approach enables prioritisation and scheduling that routes each item to the best available resource for fast resolutions—improving customer experience, response rates and first contact resolution rates.

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Proactive callback

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey

Increase online sales conversions by monitoring website visitor behaviour and reaching out with a chat or callback when an engagement rule is triggered. With full visibility into the prospect’s journey, you can:

  • Engage with opportunities in their channel of choice for seamless and intuitive engagement
  • Increase first contact resolution and response rates while improving attribution across multiple channels
  • Improve marketing effectiveness with deeper insights into campaigns that span multiple channels

Blend front- and back-office resources for better service

Keep up with shifting demands by better utilising resources across your organisation. By blending real-time interactions with non-real-time task interactions, you’ll use agents’ secondary skills seamlessly and automatically. This process increases agent utilisation, reduces wait times and smooths out interaction volumes.

If a customer needs to speak with someone who has underwriting skills, for example, but no one is immediately available with that primary skill, you can push the work item to someone with underwriting as a secondary skill. Sharing resources within a backup queue keeps work flowing. And because it’s fully automated, it’s seamless to your prospects and customers.

Blend front  and back office resources for better service

Automate proactive communications

Targeted proactive communications offer great opportunities to create long-lasting bonds and decrease the volume of inbound calls to your contact centre. When you send highly personalised, timely and relevant notifications through your customers’ preferred channel—SMS, email, voice, social or mobile—you create effortless interactions and improve customer satisfaction. Done properly, automated notifications on important alerts and updates also save agent time.

Consider the possibilities for your customers:

  • Fraud alerts or power outage notifications
  • Order confirmation or appointment reminders
  • Bill payments or promotions

Business automation for marketing and sales

Unlock the power of automation to increase conversion rates

Many sales teams struggle to have meaningful conversations with prospects that result in qualified leads or conversions. Often, marketing teams struggle to maximise budgets to fill the pipeline and drive growth. These disconnects leave sales reps unable to recognise and act on moments that count—and conversion rates suffer.

Bring together online and offline engagement data while automating business processes to handle leads in real time. Automation enables you to match the right lead to the right rep for informed conversations on any channel. And giving sales reps the relevant information and guidance they need means they can better manage every interaction. Tying business automation with sales gives teams the tools needed to follow up and convert more leads.

Contact center automation for marketing and sales

See the entire lead journey

Frontline sales reps are critical in optimising customer experience. Without journey history and context, they can’t fully understand what a customer really wants. Monitoring website behaviour can increase online sales conversions. When an engagement rule is triggered, reach out to the visitor with a chat or callback.

Blueprint for success:

Design the perfect cloud contact centre solution with our CX blueprint tool.

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Don’t miss another opportunity

Increase your campaign effectiveness and lead generation with automation to prioritise and distribute leads based on their value and timeliness. Recapture lost online sales opportunities through automatic classification and prioritisation, then distribute them to the best available sales rep. With business automation, you can:

  • Increase sales conversion rates by delivering each opportunity to the best available sales reps
  • Quickly identify and follow up with online abandons to make potential customers feel valued
  • Automate the distribution of abandoned online transactions to improve sales attribution and reporting
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Improve customer interactions with automation

Improve customer interactions with automation

Give your sales reps quick and easy access to information so they can deliver an efficient and personalised customer experience—every time they interact with a prospect:

  • Use preview pop-ups and screen pops to determine who is contacting reps and why
  • Access customer contact profiles, current case information and interaction journey history
  • Use dynamic scripting for business consistency or regulatory process compliance

Combining channel consolidation, context, knowledge and integration gives sales reps the ability to efficiently provide the best possible service.

Track performance and work on what matters

Having disparate queues for channels and media types creates a fragmented customer experience. It makes it impossible to manage SLAs or prioritise the most valuable customer interactions across channels. With real-time enforcement of SLAs, you can better track KPIs and adjust your business logic to ensure that goals goals are met. Sales reps also can work on the highest-priority tasks.

A real-time dashboard lets you see KPI performance so that if you’re at risk of missing an SLA, you can make an adjustment or have the system do it automatically. You’ll be able to accurately attribute each action to an outcome—and greatly improve conversion rates.


Genesys Connect Business Automation

Streamline business processes with the Genesys Connect platform

Prioritising tasks isn’t always easy. Don’t rely on manual processes to get the job done. Ensuring the greatest level of efficiency and meeting SLAs requires automation that is system and platform agnostic, where every process is delivered and managed in the same simple way.

Business automation extends beyond the contact centre, capturing customer context and applying your business rules to automate processes and manage all SLAs across systems—regardless of platform. You can personalise processes based on customer needs and history, and choose the quickest path to resolve problems. Funnel data gathered from these interactions into a workforce management solution for back-office resource planning and scheduling.

Genesys pureconnecttm platform
Genesys professional services

Integrate multiple-source systems using open standards

Most businesses store critical data on multiple, disparate systems. Business automation offers unique cross-system capabilities that integrate with third-party products using open, standard-based adapters. This enables automation in an orchestrated way—whether pulling data from sales, services, marketing, help desk or any other system. No matter how your business strategy evolves, it’s easy to add new processes or channels using packaged integrations that all maintain a single view of the customer across channels via a real-time dashboard.

We can now capture prospect information more efficiently and accurately, while answering customer questions more quickly. Combined, this has given us a major competitive advantage.

— Alison Hall, Contact Centre Director, Camden Property Trust

Simplify process changes without the need for IT

Changes to your business environment are inevitable—whether it’s temporary seasonal shifts, shifting deadlines or compliance requirements. But the days of working months ahead with a programmer to recode business logic and accommodate your changes are over. With business automation, you can change a process as frequently as needed to create and modify business processes. Regain control over your processes without depending on IT.

Get end-to-end visibility into all processes

From beginning to end, business automation captures information and reports on every stage of your business processes. It allows you to:

  • See when a task is assigned, is resolved, who worked on it and how much time it took to resolve it. This in-depth view covers the complete life cycle.
  • View detailed reports on resource utilisation—by SLAs, groups or individuals—making it completely transparent to business stakeholders.
  • Archive all data through every step of the process so you have a complete picture of each case.

Learn from each interaction with context on the customer history during their entire journey. You can see which employees worked with the customer on each interaction—even if source data resides in legacy systems.

Workforce planning application

Share resources with interaction blending

Keep your employees engaged by increasing resource utilisation from different departments when there are shifts in demand. Push work items, including voice, to staff with specific primary or secondary skills, as needed—no matter where they reside in your organisation. Sharing resources within a sort of universal queue for backup keeps work flowing and it’s done in a fully automated and seamless way.

Genesys Multicloud CX Business Automation

Streamline workflows with business automation

Go beyond process and workflow automation to automate task distribution using workload management capabilities in the Genesys Multicloud CX™ platform. You can distribute tasks that originate from the contact centre and other systems, such as back-office, branches, outsourcers and agencies. The system captures all tasks from any source and pushes them to a universal queue. From there, it prioritises tasks, matches the task to necessary skills and pushes it to the best available resource. All of this is done in real-time, automatically and seamlessly. Orchestrating and automating task distribution in real-time lets you use resources in the most beneficial way. This means all employees work all their scheduled time—and customers get the best service possible.

Pureengage business automation

Shape the customer journey from beginning to end

All tasks and back-office processes affect the customer experience. When you have visibility into how efficiently and effectively work is performed, you have more control over the entire customer journey. The Genesys Multicloud CX automation solution improves performance with workload management that’s based on a single, universal queue, which uses a defined process flow. As tasks come in, the solution identifies the most important one —what has to be done right now—and routes it to the best resource based on individual skills and availability. And because it integrates with all your systems, it continually monitors and re-prioritises tasks.

Track real-time metrics to manage SLAs

Lack of a single, universal queue for all channels and media types creates a fragmented customer experience and makes it impossible to manage SLAs or prioritise the most valuable customer interactions across channels.

With real-time enforcement of SLAs, the Genesys Multicloud CX platform lets you track real-time KPIs and adjust your business logic to ensure that employees work on the highest-priority tasks. You’ll also gain valuable insights to keep customers informed of progress, reducing the number of calls and emails. Managers view KPI performance through a real-time dashboard. If you’re at risk of missing an SLA, you can make a decision and take corrective action or have the system do it automatically.

Track real time call center metrics

Save time and increase productivity

Knowing what needs to be done and how long it will take alleviates pressures on employees and helps you better align resources to match needs. The Genesys Multicloud CX automation solution measures average handle time per task and collect historical data to calculate and forecast resource requirements. This simplifies interactions and work-item scheduling across all channels. For example, if you have a work item that will take two hours to complete, the Genesys Multicloud CX solution pinpoints matching resources and pushes the task to the best one. And, because the solution continually monitors skill development, you can compare individuals versus group average handle time to identify knowledge gaps. Use that data to create personalised training classes.

Balance your agent workloads

Equalising workloads motivates employees by ensuring that every resource gets the same amount of work—and that work is measured objectively. Because the process is automated, all staff complete work with similar complexity, giving managers a fairer measure of performance. You can even tie it into your incentive systems.

By automating work distribution, you also eliminate an agent’s ability to cherry pick tasks, or intentionally slow down when quota is complete. The Genesys Multicloud CX automation solution considers how long a task should take and seamlessly assigns new tasks across all systems. Over time, managers see more than just the number of work items an employee handles.

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