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Accelerate results with artificial intelligence (AI)

Grow revenue

Drive conversion and retention by predicting online visitors’ preferences and desires. Proactively connect qualified customers and prospects with the right offer at the right time.

Lower costs

Handle more tasks and resolve issues faster with conversational AI bots. And let AI anticipate business demands, scheduling the right number and type of agents to provide the best experiences.

Boost performance

Maintain customer context across interactions and offer next-best actions in real time. Use outcome prediction to capture training needs and match each customer with the best available agent.

Deliver in the moment of truth with Genesys AI

Predictive engagement

Predictive engagement uses advanced contact centre AI to find, win and keep online prospects and customers by engaging them at the right moment — and with the right resources and actions.

Chatbots and voicebots

Dialog Engine Bot Flows uses AI to create better chatbots and voicebots. Genesys orchestrates native and third-party bots along the customer journey to create exceptional experiences.

Workforce engagement

Analyse employee performance and identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviours of top performers. Use that data and other characteristics to create employee profiles to better match employees to each customer and situation.

Predictive routing

Predictive routing works in real time. Use AI to match customers to the human agents most likely to give them the best customer experiences. Improve key business metrics, such as handle time and transfer rate.

Agent Assist

Agent Assist reduces the time agents spend searching for answers. It proactively provides live agents with personalised recommendations and guidance on next-best actions in context during interactions.

Speech and text analytics

Native speech and text analytics employ natural language understanding (NLU), transcription, sentiment analysis and topic spotting to identify key events. Use these insights to improve customer experience (CX).

Win big with conversational AI and empathy

Providing efficient CX is no longer enough for today’s businesses. Customers want to be heard, seen and helped — and they expect great customer service infused with empathy. Every Genesys AI product personalises customer experiences to deliver support with empathy through a four-step cycle:

  • Listen as customers engage agents across digital and voice channels
  • Understand and predict what customers want based on their behaviour
  • Act by connecting customers to the right agent or self-service resource
  • Learn from all interaction results to continuously improve

Genesys AI enables the best customer and employee experiences in real time, building loyalty and streamlining the way contact centres run.

Always evolving, Genesys AI gives you the competitive edge

Genesys AI leverages industry-leading expertise in contact centre technology to power omnichannel experiences across the customer journey. That enables empathy at scale by orchestrating and personalising customer experiences. Our out-of-the-box, turnkey AI call centre tools enable you to quickly adopt AI. It’s easy to analyse big data to extract and act on key customer insights to maximise business benefits and boost customer satisfaction.

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Turnkey AI capabilities

Genesys provides a fully automated AI lifecycle that scales to support customer interactions in real time. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface requires you to configure few technical resources so you can get up and running quickly. Built-in outcome prediction optimises logic toward KPIs like handle time or transfer rate — all while supporting existing business logic and processes.

Rich, actionable insights

Ingest and integrate third-party and AppFoundryⓇ Marketplace partners’ data across the Genesys AI suite. Genesys AI extracts patterns and insights from this rich combined source of data using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, such as intent mining and sentiment analysis. These are used to inform, enrich and optimise Experience as a Service℠.

Connect marketing, sales and service

Intelligently streamline support to offer customers the perfect resources at any time, including suggesting self-service options after hours, connecting them to available customer service agents through voice or chat — or both. Genesys AI also surfaces critical knowledge for employees when they need it, so they can help customers with more confidence and success.

Integrated across the Genesys suite

Easily map and orchestrate customer journeys across the channel-spanning Genesys AI suite by accessing a wealth of AI-driven data and insights. Optimise workforce engagement management with machine-learning analytics. By using tools built to learn and evolve, your business will always bring richer customer support and employee experiences to life.

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