On-Demand Webinar

Digital Customer Engagement
in Financial Services

Providing a superior CX is crucial in today’s financial services industry. As customer preferences and interactions shift to digital, financial services organisations are redefining digital customer engagement.

The industry seeks to deliver seamless and personalised experiences across digital channels in order to foster trust and relationships.

In this webinar, we explore how financial services organisations can accelerate digital engagement and improve customer experiences.  Also, we invite a CTO at Tonik Bank and hear about their CX transformation journey.

Join this webinar as we will discuss:

  • The customer engagement trends in financial services industries and what they mean for you and your customers
  • How the successful digital engagement can foster customer relationships and drive revenue
  • How Tonik Bank redesigned customer and employee experiences in an interview

Meet the Speakers

David porter 1

David Porter
Director, Global Financial Services

Arivuvel ramu 1

Arivuvel Ramu
Group Chief Technology Officer
Tonik Bank

Albert tay 1

Albert Tay
Director, APAC Financial Services

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