On-demand webinar

Delivering a superior customer experience with digital capabilities

Powershop’s digital CX journey

Improving operational efficiency to bring joy to customer interactions

Leaning into a digital-first approach requires the right blend of technology and human touch. Leveraging digital channels, bots, and conversational AI, while knowing when to insert an agent, is key to providing a seamless customer experience.

Join this on-demand webinar to hear how Powershop embraced a digital-first strategy, improving self-service interactions and enabling a tremendous reduction in voice, all whilst empowering employees with better workforce management tools.

Meridian generates electricity from 100% renewable sources – water and wind. They are New Zealand’s largest electricity generator; through their Meridian and Powershop brands, they supply electricity to more than 270,000 customers – homes, businesses and farms all over the country.

Hear from Sandra Lawrence, Contact Centre Manager at Meridian & Powershop and gain the insight you need to start your digital journey; with the agenda covering:

  • Designing a successful digital customer engagement strategy
  • The shift in interactions from voice to self-serve
  • How digital channels will transform your customer experience and empower your customers and agents
  • Best practices for success