4/4 Genesys Cloud series:

Genesys Cloud: The Power of a Visionary Workforce Engagement Solution

On-Demand Webinar

Whether you’re an agent or a supervisor, the complexity of your contact centre solution can interfere with your ability to do your job well. A host of overly complex solutions forces your employees to focus their attention on navigating technology rather than providing excellent customer experiences, and can waylay them with updates that break parts of their systems, confusion about which solutions to use for specific tasks, and an ability to see and understand the bigger picture with integrated reporting and analytics.

During this live 20-minute demo, you’ll get a chance to see how Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement deliver an integrated cloud-based solution that will simplifies contact centre operations, increase efficiency and improve employee engagement.

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Meet the Speaker

Andrew thean   anz

Andrew Thean
Principal Solution Consultant, ANZ

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