AI and the Economist: Using AI and data to drive customer engagement

AI is driving a revolution in customer experience – get in the fast lane

On-Demand Webinar

Organisations globally are looking for ways to embed artificial intelligence (AI) more deeply into their customer journeys — making them more frictionless and insightful. Findings from an Economist Impact and Genesys survey of 750 customer service, marketing and sales executives underscore why — Download the full report.

Join Phillip Cornell, Principal, Economist Impact at The Economist, and Charlie Godfrey, Senior Director of Business Consulting at Genesys, as they examine these findings. You’ll hear how AI can improve customer journeys and employee productivity, learn strategies for deploying this technology and explore the value organisations are gaining from it — and what they hope to achieve.

Discover what separates AI leaders from other organisations, including how they:

  • Use AI to understand customer pain points
  • Take a more sophisticated view of how AI can enhance the customer journey and employee experience
  • Harness the most powerful capabilities AI brings to customer experience

Meet the Speakers

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Charlie Godfrey
Sr. Director, Business Consulting

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Phillip Cornell
Principal, Economist Impact
The Economist

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Sean Maddison
Conversational Automation and Intelligence Manager
E.ON Energy UK