How to Improve Messaging and Chat Experiences

Today’s customers engage on digital with varied expectations. While one customer may want a seamless chat interaction, the other expects an all-encompassing virtual experience. Digital has, and will continue to evolve as customer expectations change. Regardless of their preferences, however, is the need for accessible resolutions and seamless support.

The key to satisfying all customers, then, lies in consistency and autonomy across the end-to-end journey. Great messaging and chat experiences are powered by insight, context and intuitive technology. If companies want to empower their customers to engage effectively on digital, they must focus on connecting channels and driving communication across CX platforms.

This guide will uncover:

  • The current state of messaging and chat experiences
  • Critical research on the greatest points of friction impacting digital channels
  • Actionable takeaways on optimising the digital experience and solutions to promote operational efficiency