An IRAP-assessed cloud contact centre solution for your department

Improve your government agency’s call centre operations and enhance the citizen journey

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Security, privacy and peace of mind for your contact centre

Genesys Cloud™ is an IRAP-assessed cloud contact centre solution that lets citizens communicate with your agency across all channels — including voice, SMS and web chat — so you can fulfill your agency’s mission while delivering an optimised citizen experience.

Genesys is committed to sound security principles and controls, including data storage, processing and communication. We extend this commitment to our customers globally — and the completion of our Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment reinforces our commitment to the Australian public sector.


Enhance the customer journey with a secure, scalable cloud contact centre solution

Genesys Cloud is an IRAP-assessed cloud contact centre solution at the PROTECTED level. It’s designed to help your agency adhere to government mandates to improve the citizen experience, while supporting all your security and privacy requirements.

IRAP assessed for best-in-class security

Fulfill your agency’s mission securely at every touchpoint of the citizen journey.

Reduce costs and improve outcomes

Decrease overwhelming IT costs and discover resource efficiencies with integrated workforce engagement management capabilities.

Leverage the leading platform

Benefit from the capabilities and expertise of the industry-leading Genesys Cloud platform and leverage a full range of capabilities for an improved citizen experience.

Simplify communications with omnichannel

Streamline your citizen communications with a unified solution for voice, text, chat, email, social media and more.

Modernise your citizen experience with integrated, AI-powered journeys

Meet modernisation and security requirements with artificial intelligence (AI), predictive matching and self-service automation.

Predictable, consistent budget impact

Reduce the costs of replacing on-premises hardware from capex to opex, with a subscription-based solution.

24/7 dedicated help desk support

Never wait to get the help you need with dedicated, 24/7 support.

Continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance

Genesys has an ongoing commitment to help agencies meet their compliance obligations.

We sought an all-in-one omnichannel solution with the option for people to work from home. Once we met with the Genesys team and saw what Genesys Cloud could do, we stopped looking.

— Tracy Thompson, Manager, Housing Direct, WA Department of Communities

Ensure your citizens can get the information they need when they need it — over the channels they prefer

With the right technology and the right partner, you can connect with your citizens in more meaningful, personalised ways — every time. For experiences that set your agency apart, turn to the Genesys Cloud platform.

Inbound and outbound

Create customer and agent experiences that effortlessly blend automated and human resources. Know your customer and have the relevant context to engage when it matters with the right help.

Integrated channels

Seamlessly integrate voice and digital channels including email, chat, social and more. An all-in-one API-first solution, you can connect to anything you can imagine without extensive IT support.

AI-infused journeys

AI turns citizen data into context-rich insights for better engagements at every touchpoint.

Service automation

Provide better self-service experiences with more intelligent voicebots and chatbots. Transition smoothly to assisted interactions with full context.

Predictive matching

Match every interaction to the best resource. Predictive engagement and routing harness AI to drive the citizen experience outcomes you prioritise.

Security and scale

Designed to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes, with a priority on compliance.

Make CX your mission


Agencies have customer experience (CX) scores that rate as “poor” or “very poor”


Government employees feel their agency’s CX is improving


Government employees feel their agency’s CX has stagnated

Research from Genesys and GovLoop paper “How the cloud enables a secure and safe customer experience for the 21st century”

Learn more about IRAP and Genesys Cloud

Get started with Genesys Cloud

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Take advantage of the Genesys Cloud IRAP assessment to help your agency meet its privacy and security requirements while fulfilling your mission to provide exceptional citizen experiences.

To learn more about how Genesys can power your agency’s cloud contact centre, contact us today to be connected with a member of our government sales team.

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