Virtual agent

A virtual agent is a contact centre capability that uses a virtual character, created through computer generation, animation and artificial intelligence (AI), to serve customers via chatbot functionality. The intelligent virtual agent can answer customer questions and provide information on a company’s products and services.

The term “virtual agent” also is used to refer to a human contact centre and call centre customer service agent who works from a remote location outside of the organisation’s physical building. Typically, virtual agents are dispersed geographically.

Contact centre virtualisation provides streamlined capabilities to enable the use of virtual agents — both AI tools and remote customer service representatives.

How Genesys can help

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform virtual contact centre is a customisable cloud platform that lets you seamlessly transition to contact centre virtualisation. A cloud-based virtual contact centre from Genesys empowers your business to deliver consistent and personalised experiences at every touch point on any channel.

Genesys virtual contact centre solutions deliver consistent customer experiences through:

  • Precise and optimised forecasting and cost-effective scheduling
  • Voice and digital multichannel solutions
  • Customer service routing
  • A secure, scalable and flexible platform

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