Genesys unveils winners of 16th annual Customer Innovation Awards

Leading Australian and New Zealand organisations recognised for CX excellence

Genesys honours organisations across the world for their innovation and dedication to reimagining the customer experience

Genesys®, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, announced the winners of its 16th annual Customer Innovation Awards. Among the eight winners were four local organisations Service NSW, Woolworths, Kiwibank and Spark, showcasing the successful business transformation and customer service excellence accomplishments coming out of Australia and New Zealand.

This year’s Genesys Customer Innovation Awards recognises eight companies of varying sizes and industries that leverage a range of technologies, such as cloud and artificial intelligence, to drive exceptional customer experiences. A panel of judges, including industry analysts and consultants from Omdia, McGee-Smith Analytics and Efficio, as well as representatives from Customer Innovation Award-winning customers and Genesys executives, evaluated the finalists.

“We are incredibly proud that Kiwibank, Service NSW, Spark and Woolworths have bagged the CIA awards and are recognised on a global level for their commitment to offer relevant, timely and meaningful services to meet their customer needs during a very challenging year,” said Mark Buckley, Vice President, Australia and New Zealand, Genesys. “They have demonstrated a deep commitment to put customers at the centre of their company efforts to deliver efficient, meaningful and empathetic services through the power of human expertise and technology.”

The 2021 winners include:

Service NSW — CX Empathy (Best use of empathy in customer experience)

Whether its aiding Australians who have been impacted by devastating bushfires, flooding or the COVID-19 pandemic, the Service NSW team handles each interaction with empathy and understanding. Genesys Cloud CXTM gives Service NSW a unified communication and collaboration platform so it can meet continuously changing needs within the organisation and its contact centre. It has also helped Service NSW redefine its recruitment and streamline onboarding to rapidly hire and train new staff with specialty skills to support customers in crisis.

Woolworths — CX Innovator (Most successful innovation)

The Woolworths Retail Customer Service team created a Smart IVR using Google Dialogflow integrated with the Genesys Multicloud CXTM solution. Launched in January 2021, Woolworths customer agents use the conversational AI capabilities in Smart IVR to help thousands of customers each week answer simple queries, including order tracking, FAQs and refunds. In addition, Woolworths Finance Shared Services integrated robotic process automation (RPA) technologies with Genesys Cloud CX to provide faster customer responses while relieving team members from dealing with repetitive, manual tasks. The result was a 28% increase in employee satisfaction, significant efficiency gains and exceptional levels of customer service — with quite complicated supplier queries resolved within minutes.

Kiwibank & Spark — CX Mover (Partner implementation – Best cloud implementation)

Working with Spark, Kiwibank rapidly deployed the Genesys Cloud CX solution within five weeks as part of its business continuity plan. With this implementation, it eliminated five legacy systems — reducing platform costs by 50%. To date, Kiwibank has added nearly 600 active users (including over 300 concurrent users) and helped customers avoid more than 2.9 million minutes waiting on hold.

Company Nurse & Lintelio — CX Creator (Best use of customisation)

Company Nurse used the Genesys Cloud CX platform to develop Lintelio, an innovative COVID-19 digital screening and triage guidance solution to help organisations maintain healthy work environments. Lintelio has evolved into a new business venture that allows organisations to proactively manage the health and safety of their employees. In less than a year, it has added 33,000 active users and is completing 100,000 weekly health transactions for over 100 organisations in 700 locations.

Xerox — CX Mover (PS implementation – Best cloud implementation)

With the help of Genesys Professional Services, Xerox migrated nearly 3,600 agents across multiple time zones, business units and 14 languages in just nine months to Genesys Cloud CX. In the process, seven legacy platforms were retired, allowing Xerox to unify its customer journey.

Rochester Regional Health — CX Mover (Self implementation – Best cloud implementation)

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Rochester Regional Health set off on a path to consolidate systems and move its contact centre to the cloud. By implementing Genesys Cloud CX, Rochester Regional Health was able to shift hundreds of support staff almost overnight to remote working as demand for telehealth skyrocketed. Genesys Cloud CX also enabled Rochester Regional Health to establish several COVID-19 focused phone lines, including an employee hotline for symptom self-reporting.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services — CX Team Mobilizer (Best example of team productivity)

Presbyterian Healthcare Services has used Genesys Multicloud CX for many years to enhance the experience of patients, members and the communities it serves. To improve operational efficiency, Presbyterian Healthcare Services worked with Genesys to optimise its Genesys Workforce Engagement Management solution. This has been instrumental in helping Presbyterian achieve a 33% improvement in agent utilisation, providing schedule flexibility for agents, decreasing total abandoned calls, and avoiding financial penalties of nearly $73 million each year.


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