Empower your agents in real time with AI agent assist

Spend more time building meaningful connections

Make it easy to find answers

The average customer service agent has to rely on cumbersome manual searches through various information stores.

Replace manual tasks with assisted automation

Summarising interactions, deciding on the interaction disposition and capturing call notes take up valuable call time.

Focus on what matters

Agents don’t capture insights from every customer conversation, and the data is rarely analysed — making this rich knowledge base incomplete.

Real-time support — without having to ask for it

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Experience agent assist in the standard Genesys Cloud™ agent desktop or the new digitally optimised agent desktop.

Smart Advisor

Automatically provide support for customer conversations. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled Smart Advisor eliminates frustrating and tedious manual searches.

Automatic reporting

Interaction summaries are time consuming, and the results are inconsistent. Genesys Agent Assist creates these reports automatically, and still allows for personalisation.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Free agents from repetitive tasks such as copy/paste, creating manual notes and more. With RPA embedded, agent assist becomes a true AI agent assistant.

Embedded knowledge

The native agent assist tool includes Genesys Knowledge, an intuitive workbench that uses AI to create, structure, analyse and optimise your knowledge base.

Agent experience integration

Genesys Agent Assist is embedded into the agent desktop. Optimise for voice and real-time, dynamic digital experiences.

Flexible AI

Genesys provides a choice of embedded or third-party AI. It can integrate with Google CCAI and other AI partners for knowledge and additional agent assist features.

#1 leadership position for the second year in a row

Our commitment to delivering Experience as a Service®
with myriad customer use cases to improve CX and EX helped secure our position as a leader.

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Increase in agent productivity when enterprises blend human agents and AI


Position your contact centRE agents to succeed

When customer support agents have to go it alone, the experience suffers for everyone. Agents have to quickly surface information and relay it to the customer. Customers might get bad information, or an issue could go unresolved. And these poor experiences for customers and employees make it difficult for a business to retain either.

Providing agents with timely support unleashes your employee superpower. No more rushed learning, mix-and-match knowledge or guesswork. That leads to increased customer satisfaction with every incident, and can help businesses retain valuable repeat buyers.

Get start-to-finish support in a single solution

Agent assist gives voice and digital agents all the help they need in one place. From knowledge support during a live customer interaction to managing summaries and data gathering, here’s what sets agent assist apart.

Deliver actionable advice and AI-enabled assistance in one solution

Many agent assist solutions deliver advice. Genesys goes farther, providing contextual knowledge for each customer conversation. RPA also reduces the manual effort required for routine tasks, such as interaction summaries and notes. And that increases agent efficiency.

Make knowledge and analytics more accessible

Agent assist includes Genesys Knowledge, an intuitive workbench that ensures a single source of customer experience truth. Agents can create articles, enhance interactions with rich media and enable automatic search. This includes analytics to help identify and bridge knowledge gaps.

Optimise the experience with better insights

Agent assist uses AI to automate repetitive manual tasks to create meaningful interaction histories. When captured consistently, these histories are a valuable source of customer insight for the business, new agents and any repeat interactions.

Support omnichannel interactions immediately

Agent assist integrates with digital and voice conversations from day one. Capabilities like automatic knowledge support and agent automation come standard. And the overall agent experience is tailored to the channel, making it easy to use.

Genesys Cloud

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Take advantage of integrated capabilities or existing AI investments

Integrated agent assist includes knowledge automation and RPA; complements workforce engagement management; and is embedded into the Genesys Cloud™ platform. For those with existing AI investments, agent assist powered by Google Cloud CCAI helps make the most of your AI provider.

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