Join the Multicloud Contact Centre Revolution

There’s a legend that Henry Ford once said of the Model T, “Any customer can have it painted any color he wants, so long as it is black.” Such a lack of flexibility is unthinkable in our current “I’ll have a half-double decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon,” anything-can-be-customised world. Unless you’re looking for a contact centre for your global business.

Too many solutions available for your large, sophisticated contact centre offer as much customisation as a black Model T. All on-premises. All in the cloud. Everything has to be from the same vendor. You have to take the whole suite. And just trying to add a new capability to keep up with customer expectations is such a nightmare project that you limp along without it as long as you can.

That ends now.

Declare your contact centre freedom with the native multicloud architecture of the Genesys Multicloud CX™ contact centre. Multicloud means this contact centre delivers convenience and flexibility at your scale and on your terms, no matter how large or sophisticated your business is. This is the end of proprietary systems, single-vendor lock-in, making do when customers desires changes, forklift upgrades and replacing a product you love with one that’s part of the suite.

Multicloud Means Flexibility

These days, when I talk to customers and partners, I’m hearing about employees working from home, the digital channel explosion and the need to continue to provide personalised experiences through it all. Flexibility has never been more important.

With the open multicloud platform, you can buy and plug in what you want. So, you’re customising the system to your needs with the right applications, not with in-house coding heroics. This means you can choose what’s best for your business — from the widest range of systems and applications — including our extensive ecosystem of partners. The right workforce engagement software; the right chatbot solution; the right analytics and reporting solution. You’ll never again have to settle for something that isn’t right for your business because it comes with the new software suite.

And it’s not just Genesys that believes multicloud is the answer for large, sophisticated contact centres. Partners like Vannina Kellershohn, Vice President Enriched Interactions & Collaboration Business Unit at Orange Business Services, agree.

“Multicloud environments are emerging as strategic platforms for driving innovation and competitive edge. At all times, Genesys tackles the limitations of contact centre infrastructure for the sake of business agility. With multicloud architecture, our customers have the opportunity to optimise costs and performance while benefitting to mix and match to suit the needs of applications, workloads and business. As this trend gains momentum, companies get the flexibility they need to innovate at speed and stay ahead of their customers’ expectations.”

Multicloud Means Choosing the Right Cloud for Your Business

For far too long, it seems like the discussion around moving sophisticated contact centres to the cloud has been “all or nothing.” Multicloud changes the conversation.

If you’ve decided that keeping your contact centre on-premises is the best choice for your business, multicloud offers the hybrid approach you’ve been waiting for. Now you can consume innovative technologies from Genesys Cloud CX with your on-premises contact centre, at the right pace for your business. It means your contact centre is ready for what comes next. Keep in front of customer expectations with capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Genesys Cloud CX Predictive Engagement, conversational self-service and Workforce Engagement Management — no forklift required.

If you’re ready to take your contact centre to the cloud, Genesys offers options to fit your organisation. You can choose an all-in-one public cloud approach, where we or one of our partners handle the management for you, ensuring you can automatically take advantage of new capabilities as they’re introduced. This frees your IT team for more strategic tasks. Or you can choose a private cloud approach that lets you put our containerised technology into any cloud infrastructure and stay in control.

Multicloud Means a Solution That’s Built for Your Future

With multicloud, your contact centre will never hit a dead end. You’ll never again have wasted infrastructure investments because the market and customer experience expectations have moved beyond your contact centre’s abilities.

The Genesys multicloud architecture is made for your future. It’s built to scale with your business, no matter how large you grow. We’ve got a solid roadmap of continuing innovation that’s grounded in expertise gained over time, working with thousands of our customers and our partners around the world.

When you need a contact centre that can be the foundation of your personalised customer experience — no matter what tomorrow and the coming years bring — choose Genesys. There’s no limit to our ability to keep up with your success.

See what it can mean for your business.


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