Honoring the 2022 Genesys Customer Innovation Awards Winners

Innovation encompasses not only developing new devices, but also creating new ways to do things. And it’s crucial to long-term success. Today, we’re privileged to celebrate our most innovative customers and winners of the 17th annual Genesys Customer Innovation Awards.

This year’s winners include organisations from around the world that embraced empathy, made creative strategies a reality, took innovation to new heights, boosted team engagement and migrated to the cloud to propel their customer experience (CX) and employee experience.

Our diverse set of judges, which included previous customer winners, Genesys leaders, industry analysts and CX influencers, had the difficult task of choosing the winners from the 23 finalists. We couldn’t be prouder of these organisations; their dedication to delivering some of the industry’s best experiences to their customers and employees is an inspiration.

Congratulations to our winners!

2022 Winner Highlights

Uhg blogx1260

UnitedHealth Group: CX Creator

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is the winner of the CX Creator award, which recognises the most innovative use of capabilities across product marketplace, ecosystem and custom development. The insurer and health care company has implemented over 100 contact centre groups using Genesys solutions, including integrations with ecosystem and Genesys AppFoundry® partners, as well as extensive custom developments.

The new nimble infrastructure increased stability and agility at UHG, allowing it to serve customers during its peak season with maximum uptime and system reliability. With a platform poised for future growth, UHG is positioned to further its mission of helping people live healthier lives and making sure the health care system works better for everyone.

Blibli blogx1260

Blibli: CX Empathy

Omnichannel commerce and lifestyle platform Blibli is the winner of the CX Empathy award — representing the best use of empathy in customer experience. The company is committed to bringing a trusted, convenient and hassle-free shopping experience by continually demonstrating empathy toward its customers.

Blibli leverages Genesys technology to make every interaction count — bringing Experience as a Service® to life. The retailer developed a personalised service known as “AHA! Moments” to help its customers celebrate special occasions. By using Genesys features, such as call transfer, whispering and real-time monitoring, Blibli has increased the number of “AHA! Moment” gifts delivered to customers by 2.5X. Solid technology development, robust infrastructure and award-winning customer care has made Blibli a leader in customer experience and satisfaction.

Helpline blog

HELPLINE: CX Innovator

As an organisation that pushed the limits by using smart, forward-thinking technology, HELPLINE is the winner in the CX Innovator category. The company used the Genesys CloudTM platform as a digital accelerator and rapidly self-implemented personalised and context-aware Genesys-powered chatbots and voicebots.

The new bots offer 24/7 customer support in five languages and assist the company’s skilled IT technicians, handling more than 50,000 daily requests from customers via phone, email and chat. Now, bots initially manage 100% of interactions while about 10% of inbound calls are fully automated. And, despite a 30% rise in volume, HELPLINE saw improvements in customer satisfaction rates.

Rabobank blogx1260

Rabobank: CX Mover, self-implementation

As the winner of the CX Mover, best cloud self-implementation, Rabobank transitioned from fragmented systems and fully transformed its customer experience. Throughout the project, the Rabobank team met its target of zero incidents, loss of features or customer service disruption.

The Dutch financial services company transitioned 15,000 employees across 80 departments — including 89 retail locations — to Genesys Cloud in less than nine months. Rabobank was able to add web messaging and video into its channel mix and saw a 25% boost in efficiency with web messaging. In addition, it realised an annual savings of €2.25 million in hardware and IT costs.

Cathay pacific blogx1260

Cathay Pacific and Accenture: CX Mover, Partner implementation

Hong Kong’s home airline Cathay Pacific and partner Accenture are the winners of the CX Mover, best cloud implementation facilitated by a partner. To enrich its customer and employee experiences, Cathay Pacific worked with Accenture to consolidate more than 10 customer channels — including call, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat — to Genesys Cloud.

The airline deployed these new digital strategies to 10 in-house service sites across Asia-Pacific and Europe, resulting in a 37% decrease in cost per contact and an 89% boost in agent productivity. Cathay Pacific now has a one-stop platform for its contact centre with a unified agent desktop, intelligent routing, and workforce and quality management — greatly improving employee and operational excellence.

Hy cite blogx1260

Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC.: CX Mover, Professional Services implementation

Winning the CX Mover — best cloud implementation with the help of Genesys Professional Services — is Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC. The company delivers outstanding service experiences to its customers and more than 9,000 independent distributors of kitchenware products in the US, Mexico and South America.

Genesys Professional Services and a team at Hy Cite remotely managed the global implementation of Genesys Cloud in seven countries and three languages. This also reduced disparate customer experience processes, tools and infrastructure. After migrating to Genesys Cloud, Hy Cite saw an 8% increase in customer satisfaction, 30% increase in contact rate and 27% increase in customer self-service.

O2e brands blogx1260

O2E Brands: CX Team Mobiliser

O2E Brands is the winner of the CX Team Mobiliser award, which recognises improvement in team engagement. The company’s key goals were to maximise active customer interactions and improve service quality and productivity for O2E Brands, the fastest growing home services company in Canada.

The O2E transformation included automated forecasting and scheduling to increase efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging Genesys Workforce Engagement Management solutions, the company saw a 37% improvement in agent attrition, saved four hours per week on scheduling and experienced a 3.5% increase in agent occupancy. It also realised a 56% reduction in handling shift trade requests.

Sage france blogx1260

Sage France: CX Achiever

Leading application software publishing company Sage France is the winner of the CX Achiever award for combining a strong focus on not just customer experience but also employee experience. The company’s successful migration to Genesys Cloud resulted in greater customer engagement for its digital forums (up 170%), a 42% reduction in call volumes and 25% increase in first-contact resolution.

Time agents spent on after-call work was cut in half and the company’s Employee Net Promoter Score rose by 22 points. As part of its transformation, Sage France replaced multiple standalone solutions with a single tool for managing inbound and outbound contacts, callbacks, agent activity, KPIs and performance statistics, call recordings, and quality management processes.