Genesys Cloud CX: IRAP Assessed for Australian Government

Throughout the past 18 months, there have been dramatic shifts in how people interact, work and live — all while coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. And government departments in Australia have felt the pressures to provide the crucial, real-time support that citizens needed during this time.

With a raft of new government support programs, such as JobKeeper, JobSeeker and coronavirus supplements, as well as a massive public health response that included contact tracing, hotel quarantine and vaccine rollouts, the need to communicate with citizens across multiple channels and in an efficient, effective and empathetic way has never been greater.

While some Australian Government agencies have moved to cloud already, others are being held back by limited in-house cloud knowledge, lack of funding and, most importantly, security concerns. Extra-sensitive government and citizen data requires rigorous security measures that often go beyond what commercial cloud users might need.

Genesys has engaged an independent third-party assessor to complete an IRAP assessment of the Genesys Cloud CXTM platform. We’re excited to announce this assessment has deemed Genesys Cloud CX to be compliant at the “Official” level. This makes transitioning to Genesys’ leading cloud contact centre platform even easier for Australian Government departments. They now have peace of mind that Genesys Cloud CX has met the leading security practices that they require.

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) is an initiative of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). It aims to provide high-quality information and communication technology security assessment services to the Australian Government. Assessments are based on the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) and consider all aspects of business.

The assessment provides assurance that appropriate care is taken in the processing, management and storage of information. By undertaking such an assessment, Genesys shows its strong commitment to the Australian Government and, by extension, to the citizens the government serves.

For further information, or to obtain a copy of the Genesys Cloud IRAP assessment, please contact our Australian Government team at [email protected].


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