Mark Buckley

Vice President of Australia and New Zealand for Genesys

Mark Buckley is the Vice President of Australia and New Zealand for Genesys. Mark has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, with a focus on data, voice, contact center and sales. Mark’s strong commercial acumen is founded in his background working with enterprise businesses and government. Before stepping up to the role of VP in Australia and New Zealand for Genesys, he was responsible for running the company’s enterprise business, which includes government and serviced clients. Prior to joining Genesys, Mark held senior roles at Alcatel-Lucent in France, managing a team of more than 130 people before moving back to Australia to help run their Australian and New Zealand operations. Mark is passionate about helping Genesys customers gain a competitive edge – whether it’s a government department looking to provide citizens a better experience or a commercial business trying to improve sales, net promoter score and customer satisfaction. He's a former competitive tennis player and qualified tennis coach, and plans to get back to it… someday!

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