Integrate your contact centre with existing systems and applications

Reduce time to value with off-the-shelf integrations

Implementing a new contact centre platform doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Modern integration capabilities let you leverage existing customer service infrastructure and enterprise software investments with your new customer engagement system.

Protect your existing investments in workforce management software and technology with off-the-shelf integrations that hook into your current solutions. Out-of-the-box integrations with a CRM system, PBX, ACD, workforce optimisation, case management and other legacy systems reduce time to value and gets your contact centre up and running quickly.

Connect to an existing telephony system or start fresh

Integrate with phone and PBX systems

Keep what works and nix what doesn’t. Integrate a modern contact centre platform with your legacy system and add new phones for select teams, where needed.

Replace old phones with a modern SIP system

Start fresh. Replace outdated switches and get new phones for your support centre and business.

Switch to softphones

Reclaim desk space and throw away unnecessary hardware by turning your computer into a phone. There’s no need for an MPLS service or a desk phone when you have internet connectivity.

Embrace a phased transition

Phase out your old phone system and bridge gaps with internet-only phones while you wait for MPLS and onsite equipment.

Integrate your crm system for world class customer experiences

Integrate your CRM system for world-class customer experiences

Integrating your CRM system with an omnichannel contact centre platform enables you to achieve true customer engagement. There’s no need for an additional interface—agents have all the tools they need in a single, known system. They can initiate customer calls from within the CRM system and leverage customer data to maintain context throughout the entire conversation.

You also can track interactions and add context to better understand your customers, your operations and your business. Leverage this knowledge to anticipate customer needs, meet expectations and control the outcome—get ideal customer service, every single time.

Connect your whole team

Unifying communications across your contact centre gives agents quick and easy access to the knowledge and resources they need to solve customer issues.

A seamless exchange of information across your business drives positive customer experiences. Connecting contact centre users, back-end business users, telephony vendors, partners and customers—all within a single contact centre platform—improves collaboration, drives faster response times and leads to happier customers.

Integrate your workforce optimization system with your contact center platform

Put your contact centre out front

Gain a complete view of customer needs by integrating your workforce optimisation system with your contact centre platform. Enable your customers and employees to connect across several communication channels and devices.

By truly understanding their conversations, you can improve customer experience and meeting important business objectives, such as quality assurance, compliance management and the bottom line.

  • Make sure customers feel heard, supported and valued
  • Provide your experts with the full context
  • Continuously synchronise front- and back-office tasks
  • Get real-time insights into the complete customer journey

PureConnect CRM and WFM integration

Extend your platform through open-standards flexibility

Connectivity is critical to your customer experience. Streamline processes, reduce time-to-value and create a better customer journey by integrating the Genesys PureConnect™ contact centre with your workforce management, communications, automation and CRM systems. Off-the-shelf PureConnect integrations simplify connections, ensuring interoperability and protecting your technology investments.

Open standards-based software architectures ensure smooth connections. The PureConnect platform embraces open standards to ensure reliable integrations. This also allows you to take advantage of a stable market of third-party vendors whose applications extend the capabilities of your customer engagement platform. You can see the full range of available Genesys-certified third-party applications for your business and your industry, including integrations with Interactive CIC and CaaS, at the Genesys AppFoundry.

Pureconnect crm and wfm integration

Get the benefits of a unified communications system

Genesys on-premises and hybrid appliances

Interaction Edge, an SIP-based telephony appliance, can be installed in your data centre to work with many common phones. It provides a site-based direct PSTN connection to local telephone vendors or a cloud-based service, as well as recording and survivability features.

PureConnect unified communications

PureConnect unified communications is a completely web-based and flexible system that’s also compatible with Genesys Cloud communications services, including Genesys Cloud Voice global voice distribution. You also can implement a hybrid solution using the Interaction Edge telephony appliance.

Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business

Maximise the Lync/Skype for Business enterprise infrastructure for greater ROI. PureConnect and Microsoft Lync Server integration provide a feature-rich contact centre add-on to Lync enterprise telephony deployments.

Improve customer context with CRM system integration

PureConnect for Salesforce

This version of the PureConnect desktop client offers an abbreviated feature set and runs inside the Salesforce CRM system.

Salesforce Object Routing Connector

Integrate Salesforce into PureConnect. Use Salesforce CRM objects with PureConnect routing rules to control customer queue locations.

Zendesk Screen Pop Connector

The Zendesk Screen Pop Connector integrates Zendesk into PureConnect and enables the creation of screen pops based on caller information.

Oracle Siebel CRM

PureConnect advanced soft phone capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the Oracle Siebel CRM user interface.


Add PureConnect functionality to the SAP ICI Web Client, letting agents use PureConnect phone and web chat tools without having to exit the SAP application.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Maximise the Lync/Skype for Business enterprise infrastructure for greater ROI. PureConnect and Microsoft Lync Server Alliance InteractionSync™ unified agent desktop embeds PureConnect call controls directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

Workforce management integration when you need it

The PureConnect platform integrates with popular workforce management providers for historical and real-time adherence (RTA) data, in addition to built-in Interaction Optimiser workforce management (WFM) tools. These providers include Aspect eWFM, Blue Pumpkin/Witness/Verint, GMT, IEX TotalView/NICE, Invision, Ijixo, Pipkins (RTA only) and Genesys Genesys Multicloud CX Workforce Optimisation.

The historical integration extracts data from the PureConnect logging server on a scheduled basis and uses an XSL style sheet to transform and map extracted data into various workforce products.

Because most vendors offer real-time adherence as an option, the WFM Real-time Adherence Integration is optional. Like workforce management historical integration, WFM Real-time Adherence is a Windows-based service that delivers user status, login and logout information to a workforce system that tracks real-time schedule adherence.

Control and automate complex business processes

Interaction Process Automation (IPA)

Your ability to integrate key business processes plays a huge role in your success. Informal and inefficient manual processes and disconnected systems are expensive and create scalability and customer perception issues. Interaction Process Automation enables you to streamline the most complex business processes with proven communications technologies that capture, prioritise, route, escalate, track and manage processes through the entire lifecycle.

Eccentex case management

Eccentex transforms how knowledge workers operate, improving productivity and job satisfaction, while ultimately generating a better customer experience.

Integration with the Genesys Multicloud CX platform

Seamlessly integrate communications, apps and systems

Integrating infrastructure, software and communication channels is the key to uninterrupted interaction flows and streamlined business processes. This integration begins with a single customer experience platform that unifies communications and breaks down operational silos. It also interoperates with CRM systems, agent desktop applications, workforce optimisation and case management systems.

The Genesys Multicloud CX™ platform gives you the robust integration capabilities that define your customer experience. Design a true omnichannel customer strategy that leverages existing infrastructure to extend exceptional customer service throughout your enterprise. Reduce time to value with out-of-the-box integrations between Genesys and all your communication and business solutions.

Genesys pureengage™ platform gives you the robust integration capabilities that define your customer experience

Capture every opportunity through CRM system and workforce optimisation integration

Putting relevant and timely information into a single interface helps guide insightful conversations and make data-driven decisions. And it maximises the success of your team and improves the customer experience. CRM software integration with the Genesys Multicloud CX platform allows you to empower agents to handle every interaction from a unified omnichannel agent desktop. Tailor agent desktop applications to improve efficiency and employee satisfaction. And, maximise the efficiency and success of every agent with seamlessly integrated workforce optimisation.

Deliver a truly unified customer experience

Integrate unified communications solutions and extend customer service throughout your enterprise. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform integrates with a variety of unified communications (UC) solutions, including Skype for Business in Office 365, to create a seamless customer experience. A fully integrated platform enables you to unify customer journeys and managing the customer experience from any location—front offices, back offices and branches.

Pbx and acd

Maximise the value of legacy PBX and ACD systems

A customer experience transformation is an ongoing process; it doesn’t require you to rip and replace every system. With Genesys, you choose the pace of your migration to minimise disruptions and manage costs. A future-proof customer experience platform fosters ongoing innovation and allows you to use existing PBX and ACD systems. You also can flawlessly integrate your enterprise telephony system. And when it’s time move to SIP with best-in-class contact centre functionality, you’ll be ready.

Integrate third-party software and applications

Maximise the benefits of your software with Gplus Adapter, a pre-packaged integration that combines Genesys solutions with third-party applications. Integrate a CRM system, workforce management capabilities and other applications with Genesys to provide an end-to-end customer experience.

Contact centre applications require the ability to adapt to your specific business needs and to your technical infrastructure. Genesys Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable you to incorporate Genesys functionality into your environment, by either building a complete custom application or integrating with third-party applications. Genesys SDKs make your contact centre more productive and reliable while enabling you to deliver on your customer experience promises.

You can further innovate with a growing range of value-added integrations from technology partners in the Genesys AppFoundry to further innovate.