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Let’s start a conversation

Today you’re on a busy customer support team. Your customers can connect with you on any channel. It’s all built from the start to work together. Don’t worry — you’ll only receive the interactions that best match your skills and availability. First up: web messaging.

Interaction panel

It looks like there’s a web message from a customer browsing your website. You can click to accept the message and begin a conversation. Agents can handle multiple interactions simultaneously to maximize efficiency.

The conversation

Here we go. It looks like this customer interacted with your company’s chatbot before and then needed help from a live agent. Your agents can see the complete conversation history, including messages sent days before, all tagged with appropriate timestamps.​

Predictive web engagement

Artificial intelligence works in the background to predict how close this customer is to meeting your company’s goals.

Customer journey

This customer’s journey on your site started with looking for shipping information — but he hasn’t completed a purchase. Let’s see how we can get him back on track.

Customer profile

Here you can see the full customer profile, displaying information straight from your company’s CRM system. You have all the context you need in one application.

Canned responses

Nail the answers to even tough questions with canned responses. Available on any channel, these responses boost speed and consistency. Customize them to fit your situation and style.

Keep the dialogue going

Now that you’ve got the basics down, take the next step! Request a demo today to see how web messaging can help you and your customers stay connected. Use AI bots to strike up a chat at the right moment and transfer the conversation to live agents as needed. You’ll build personal, real-time relationships with web messaging from Genesys.