Omnichannel Customer Engagement Drives Great Customer Experiences at Every Touchpoint

Multichannel customer engagement falls short

Customers engage with companies in multichannel and cross-channel journeys, pausing them and resuming them over time. For example, according to the Customer Experience Board (CEB),

  • 58% of callers have visited the web before calling, and
  • 34% of callers are on the web while talking to a rep

Most companies today support multichannel customer engagement. They support many channels: voice, email, chat; but they typically cannot support multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction (multimodality), they cannot link interactions in a step by step workflow (orchestration), and they cannot manage the lifecycle of the customer journey (design, orchestrate, monitor, tune) to provide a personalized and context appropriate experience for each and every customer (journey management). For a customer to complete a single task—buy a product, answer a question, understand a bill—it often requires multiple and disconnected interactions with a company. When a customer needs assisted service to supplement self-service, they typically must start over. In the case of voice, it’s calling a contact center, using an IVR, and explaining their issue. In the case of chat, it’s starting a dialog with an agent without context. These time-consuming and disconnected “channel shift” experiences are one of the leading causes of missed sales opportunities and high operating expense for companies and frustration for consumers.

Omnichannel journey orchestration is the answer

Omnichannel customer engagement combines multimodality, orchestration, and journey management to provide a great customer experience with compelling business outcomes, and leading companies are embracing it for competitive advantage.

With omnichannel journey orchestration from Genesys an organization has multimodal orchestration and journey management capabilities that translate into both a positive customer experience and better business results. This approach transforms self-service channels by enabling an organization to present a customer with information in one channel, while offering assistance from another. With self and assisted service from Genesys, a customer on a mobile device could be presented with a visual IVR menu, chat interaction or mobile video session all within a single interaction.

Omnichannel Journey Orchestration with Multimodal Interactions