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Humanising the contact centre: How values predict agent performance

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Research shows that values — what people care most about — are the top predictors of behaviour. By understanding what the highest-performing call centre agents value, CX leaders can gain unique insight into attracting, motivating and retaining the staff who will deliver the highest levels of customer service.

In this webinar, we’ll explore findings of innovative research from Genesys and Valuegraphics that examines how personal values shape behaviour inside the contact centre. You’ll learn:

  • What top-performing call centre agents value most in life and how that impacts their actions and decisions
  • Why using values as a lens for talent development and culture-building will lead to notable gains in employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • How to use values to better recruit, train, motivate and retain a high-performing workforce

Meet the speakers

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David Allison

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Ginger Conlon
Thought Leadership Director

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