Utilisation and Adoption Workshop Series

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AI Voicebots in Architect on Genesys Cloud – Optimise your Digital CX

Put bots at the centre of your customer experience strategy — and see how much time you save

On-Demand Webinar

Intelligent IVR Navigation – Voicebots and Genesys Cloud

The customer experience provided by the contact centre does not start and end with the conversation between the caller and the agent. Customers appreciate being able to do things on their own so that they could get to what they want in the most efficient way possible. Having an intuitive IVR design makes this self-service aspect a reality.

Take this up a notch by simplifying and personalising the self-service engagement. Genesys Cloud has the capability to enable you to respond to customers faster and more proactively while keeping the engagement conversational, making customers feel prioritised, understood, and valued.

Explore what is possible and see how Genesys Cloud makes IVRs smarter by leveraging AI-powered voicebots, enhancing self-service containment and improving the overall customer experience.


  • Voicebots – what’s in it for me?
  • Demo – Intelligent IVR Navigation using Voicebots
  • Genesys Cloud Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Best Practices and Q&A
  • Summary of Available Resources

Meet the Speakers


Hilda Mortifero
Customer Success


Nico Feliciano
Product Specialist – Global Customer Success