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Service NSW

There during the toughest times

The Genesys Cloud™ platform enabled the government agency to rapidly scale and switch to remote working while improving its crisis management response and the delivery of new services.


Creating a unified global customer experience

Xerox partnered with Genesys to replace a disparate system of technologies with a single platform to create happier and more loyal customers around the world.


Give your team the tools to deliver the best customer and employee experiences

More capabilities, more smiles

Call Centre Software

Keep conversations live when they matter most.

Digital Customer Engagement

Engage customers anytime, anywhere, on any digital channel.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain clear visibility into customer interactions.

Integrations and Apps

Customise contact centre applications with open APIs.

Artificial Intelligence

Power ongoing, personalised experiences at scale.

Workforce Engagement

Empower employee performance while improving operations.


Give customers one consistent path to a great experience


Create great experiences with better email tools


Engage and convert prospects in real-time

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Optimise customer journeys with an end-to-end customer journey management solution to deliver superhuman service.