Toolkit: Motivate agents with what matters most — their values

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Engage employees on a deeper level

Genesys surveyed 16,000 call centre employees worldwide to understand the personal values they care about most — and what separates high performers from others. The data reveals how organisations can maximise motivation and retention through empathy, empowerment and engagement.

Understanding your employees’ values is the key to driving results across your organisation. Get a complete kit of resources rooted in these innovative findings — and create a company culture your employees will love.

Take a sneak peek at the findings

Top values

Personal responsibility — a strong work ethic and desire to achieve — is the top value among high-performing contact centre agents globally.

Greatest strengths

Thoroughness and completeness are contact centre employees’ greatest strengths; quality, listening and empathy lag.

Role-based thinking

Tech support staff are ambitious; those in customer care value dependability; and sales teams appreciate a positive and supportive environment.

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Develop a work environment that aligns with employees’ personal values

See how your business can adopt a values-thinking approach to your workflow, processes, employee lifecycle and engagement; and prepare the capabilities of tomorrow.

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