Solve your call centre’s seasonal capacity problem

Seasonal surges in capacity, while difficult, are par for the course for most businesses. And while there’s no way to fully standardise your business levels, you can manage changes—with proper planning. Most businesses experience this to one degree or another, however some organisations are faced with fewer resources to expand and contract with ease.

Seasonal capacity issues can vary throughout the year and aren’t strictly limited to holidays, though that is a common catalyst for capacity concerns.  To overcome these problems, first look at your historical data and identify the peaks and valleys that your company experiences. Plan staffing out from there and then focus on the trickier issues that go beyond normal business fluctuations.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to solve staffing issues to handle your baseline volume
  • How to overcome outdated technology that causes bad experiences
  • Understand the best tools to solve seasonal capacity issues

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