Practical Guide to Creating a Retail Omnichannel Customer Experience

Learn how to enhance your customers journey

Online shopping has seen impressive growth in the last 18 months. 38% of customers who did not shop online before the pandemic indicate that they will continue shopping online in the future. Asia has emerged as the world’s largest e-commerce region accounting for 59% of world online sales and revenues of US$2.53 trillion in 2020.

The growing opportunity also brings with it intense competition. Adopting a platform that can build not just your brand’s customer experience online but also improve it with AI-supported social media channels and predictive engagements capabilities will help you to achieve a loyal customer following. However, we understand that picking the right solutions can be quite daunting.

This practical guide teaches you to build a retail omnichannel customer experience in three phases. Learn how to:

  • Establish a stable foundation for online customer engagement
  • Connect and enhance customer journeys
  • Utilise AI to serve customers with empathy