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Genesys Customer Experience Technology

Choosing to adopt new customer experience technology is a big decision. To ensure a company’s long-term success, however, selecting the right technology vendor is equally important.

Nemertes Research conducted this in-depth, global assessment of the business, technical and financial results experienced by ten customers who chose to adopt some form of Genesys customer experience technology. The culmination of over six months of interviews with business and IT leaders, validation of individual results, and assessment of overall trends, this study delivers:

  • Key insights behind which Genesys solution each company chose and why – as well as the results they’ve seen since migrating.
  • What deployment model companies of various sizes are choosing – from 70 agents all the way up to 11,000 — and how that decision has impacted things like agent productivity, IT resource requirements and overall business agility.
  • Individual business outcomes based on industry type, company size and varying geographic needs.
  • Common trends observed across the various customer sizes, types, deployment models and industries.
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