Forrester Industry Spotlight:

Drive Marketing and CX Convergence with Modern Technology: A focus on the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industries

Only a few healthcare organizations know how to truly leverage technology and patient insights to drive rich experiences that increase engagement and customer loyalty, leaving others to adopt technology as a means to conduct business.

In this study*, 104 respondents from the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry in Asia Pacific were surveyed. Results showed how Healthcare organizations that have adopted customer experience management technology, can impact the patient experience at every touchpoint in the organization. Furthermore, customer experience driven healthcare organizations show complete alignment between experience, brand and marketing.

In this study, you will also find:

  • The importance of a clear customer experience strategy
  • Taking customer service to the next level
  • Prioritizing customer engagement technology investment

*Drive Marketing And CX Convergence With Modern Technology: A Focus On The Healthcare Industry, an August 2018 commissioned Thought Leadership Spotlight conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Genesys

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