Research Report

COVID-19 impact on Australian and New Zealand organisations

From business continuity to business as (un)usual

2020 has been a challenging year the world over, and especially so in Australia and New Zealand with COVID-19 trailing closely behind natural disasters that gripped both nations. Organisations are finding themselves in unchartered territory, having to respond swiftly as the situation continues to evolve and prepare for a nebulous future.

Will things ever be the same again? What is the new normal? What have we learned from this crisis? These urgent questions play in the minds of business leaders yet, for most part, they remain unanswered. Without a playbook for this type of long-term global impact event, organisations are having to learn from their own experiences and those of others.

Get this industry report and learn from Genesys customers about how they’re dealing with:

  • Issues and concerns stemming from COVID-19
  • Effectiveness of business continuity plans
  • Shift to remote and home-based workforce
  • Workforce engagement management
  • The ‘new normal’