An Australian Government Case Study

Build Citizen Trust and Confidence in Government Service

Through improved customer experience as a key aspect of a multi-channel strategy.

Governments are increasingly depending on digital platforms to support the delivery of services to citizens and businesses. These platforms are typically web and app-based services and are seen by the government as providing, amongst other things, opportunities for greater efficiency, compliance, improvements in program outcomes, and as being aligned to meet client and community expectations.

However, recent surveys examining the level of satisfaction with online services suggest that, in comparison to past performance and that of other nations, many government agencies are struggling to offer a consistent customer experience.

This paper considers the interplay between four factors – trust, customer experience, data, and the role of contact centre agents.

Read the whitepaper and get core recommendations to improve agency performance, program outcomes and client satisfaction. And get insights from interviews with senior staff at government agencies such as the ATO, Services Australia and Service NSW.