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Asia’s AI agenda: AI for Business

To comprehensively examine the development of AI in Asia Pacific, MIT Technology Review Insights has designed Asia’s AI agenda, a research program looking at four distinct angles: Asia’s AI ecosystem, the leading use cases and business applications across the region, the evolving talent landscape, and the emerging discussions around AI and ethics. To produce this series, MIT Technology Review Insights conducted a survey of almost 900 executives across 13 markets, and over two dozen interviews with leading authorities from academia and industry.

Asia’s AI agenda: AI for business is the second paper of this series and it zooms into how businesses in the Asia Pacific region are assessing the value of AI, creating strategies for deploying it within their organisations, evaluating the emerging use cases, and overcoming the challenges they are facing along the way.

The key findings of this second paper are:

  • Asia is past the halfway mark
  • Adopting on a case-by-case basis
  • Improving the customer experience is imperative
  • Machine learning is the most common AI tool
  • Constraints include talent, a lack of data, and high costs

Download this paper to get more details of these key findings as well as insight into how to approach your AI strategy.

Asias ai agenda  ai for business mit report

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