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Asia’s AI agenda: AI and Human Capital

The impact of AI on work, jobs, and people is one of the most controversial aspects of today’s technological wave that will undoubtedly transform companies, industries, and societies in the years ahead. In this report, the third in our “Asia’s AI agenda” series, we explore the degree to which executives in Asia Pacific are expecting and preparing for the automation of job roles. We also look at how staff working in companies across the region are responding to the increasing need to work “shoulder to software.”

The report also explores a new data set which shows, by country and industry, the proportion of formal sector jobs that will become redundant through automation. It also shows the proportion that will be supported and augmented by AI, making those jobs more productive and highly skilled.

The key findings of this third paper are:

  • AI will be a major growth driver for Asia Pacific in the coming decade.
  • The large majority of companies are expecting headcount to increase.
  • Yet AI will affect one in every five jobs in Asia—eliminating one in eight.
  • AI will produce winners and losers.
  • Talent and technology agendas must align to sustain long-term growth.

Download this paper to get more details of these key findings.

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