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The Genesys Customer Advocacy Program (GCAP) is for anyone using a Genesys product. And the rewards you earn are your rewards. GCAP members can earn rewards in various ways — from answering simple surveys to joining customer reference calls to participating in a user group. With GCAP, you can participate when it works for you, at any level.

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Redeem your GCAP points for training opportunities — to use for yourself of share with your team. And you can network with peers, learn best practices or simply catch up on all the latest contact centre or customer experience trends.

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Earn points at your own pace

Log into the GCAP Hub — the ways to earn points are endless. You’ll see new challenges daily, ranging from simple to more complex.

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Reference calls

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Product reviews




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Here’s what GCAP members are saying

“Doing those fun challenges in GCAP is a nice way to take a break from everything. And, with all those points, it’s nice to have an opportunity to increase your knowledge and just grow and learn more about Genesys.”

Kymberli O’Hagan,
Alberta Motor Association

“Although an advocacy program, it feels more like an interactive experience, with interaction between people in similar business roles, a buzzing community, discussion, and even challenges and rewards.”

Harley Breth,
Philadelphia Church of God

“GCAP allows me to provide and share my personal insights with the Genesys community while earning points for awesome branded prizes.”

Hao Pengshung,

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Join now and start earning

It’s easy, fast and doesn’t cost anything. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the Genesys Customer Advocacy Program (GCAP) and find answers to the most common questions.

Q: How does the GCAP program work?

A: Genesys customers enroll in the GCAP program at the GCAP Hub. During enrollment, customers have the option to identify the types of reference activities they prefer participating in for their companies. Once the enrollment process is completed, a member of the Genesys customer marketing team will contact the customer to confirm GCAP membership.

Q: How will my reference be used by Genesys?

A: Reference use varies based on customer’s choice of GCAP activity participation. For example, a reference call will feature you as a customer experience leader in which you can educate a fellow leader on the benefits of the Genesys platform. Other items, such as success stories, will be posted to the Genesys website, and a press release may be posted to the Genesys website and a news wire service. Depending on the type of activity, your reference may be featured in materials such as Genesys marketing collateral or videos. All promotional activities are done with full consent and approval before being published in any form.

Q: What if my company doesn’t allow public success stories?

A: Don’t worry. There are a number of GCAP activities to participate in without publicly disclosing details of your deployment. Additionally, we have customer reference options that are anonymous. You won’t want to miss out on the information we share on the GCAP Hub, such as Genesys news, upcoming events, and the latest white papers and case studies.

Q: What details will I have to gather for success stories?

A: Genesys will work closely with you to outline all the information we need to craft your success story. We’ll also write and produce the story on your behalf. A sample success story and an easy-to-answer questionnaire will be sent to begin the process of and develop the story line.

Q: My company is already a GCAP member. Do I still need to enroll?

A: Yes. GCAP recognizes and awards individuals for advocacy behavior. Points are earned and redeemed at the individual level instead of being pooled at the company level. Individuals who engage in the GCAP Hub will earn badges, leaderboard status, and rewards.

Q: What if my company doesn’t allow me to accept gifts/rewards? Can I still participate, and what’s in it for me?

A: Participation in GCAP doesn’t require you to redeem rewards. The GCAP Hub allows you to compete with other customer experience leaders to earn rankings on the leaderboard and collect badges. The platform also has a variety of activities designed for fun, education, and networking—so you can choose which activities are appropriate to participate in and try and get the highest leaderboard score within the community of CX leaders.

Q: How does the GCAP points system work?

A: GCAP members accumulate points with each advocacy activity completed. Once GCAP enrollment is completed and membership confirmed, a program overview will be provided that details how GCAP points correspond with each specific GCAP reference activity. As points accumulate and members qualify for rewards, you can enjoy leaderboard status or redeem your points through the GCAP Hub.

Q: What are GCAP points redeemable for?

A: Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, from Genesys merchandise and gift cards to analyst inquiry time, online Genesys University training, G-Force passes, and much more. Access the GCAP Hub rewards page to view the current list of rewards. GCAP points are valid for 12 months after the reference activity is completed. Read the complete program terms and conditions.

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