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Sydney, Australia

A bold new way to deliver personalised CX at scale

Join the CX event of 2023 and learn bold new ways to deliver the best digital experiences with Experience Orchestration. Discover the latest innovations in digital, AI, and journey management orchestration and see how your people and our technology make happy customers.

Hear from Genesys solution experts, network with peers, see demos and attend breakouts – all to enable bold results.

Hilton Sydney

Hilton Sydney, George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

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Monday 24 July: Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshops
Tuesday 25 July: Main Conference Day

Highlights at G-Summit ANZ 2023

The event is packed with rich content to help you learn how to connect your customer service, sales and marketing efforts to create seamless customer journeys and differentiate your brand.

  • Hear from industry-leading organisations on how they are using digital, AI, cloud and workforce engagement tools to elevate their customer and employee experience.
  • Learn bold new ways to deliver the best digital experiences with Experience Orchestration.
  • Join deep dive workshops and vertical-focused breakout sessions for expert insights into creating customer experiences that build loyalty.
  • Gain industry insights, see demos of innovations and visit Genesys partners in the partner pavilion who can help you take your CX next level.

Join us for a day of networking with peers, industry experts and the Genesys team, throughout the event and into the evening at G-Summit After Party. We can’t wait to see you!


Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, 24 July 2023

12:30 pm – 01:30 pm

Registration and Lunch

Join industry peers for a networking lunch before afternoon workshops commence.

01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

Modernise and Personalise your CX with Knowledge and Bots

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll build an AI-driven customer experience using Genesys AI, including knowledge and an agile bot. You’ll leave with the confidence to take what you learn here to implement and improve the CX within your own organisation. Furthermore you will learn how to live with conversational AI with the continual optimisation of your knowledge bases and bots using proven strategies.

Genesys Solution Consultant Team

01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

The Global Paradigm Shift is Still Shifting: Adapting your Contact Centre Operations to Best Practise New Ways of Working and Communicating

The global paradigm shift refers to a fundamental change in the way the world operates, often driven by significant events, technological advancements, or shifts in societal values. In recent years, the global paradigm shift has impacted contact centre operations across digital transformation; automation; remote work; customer expectations; and workforce management… but there’s still more to come. This workshop explores the next round of emerging events, to prepare you for the future, providing tools, discussions and case studies of best practices and those to avoid. You’ll come away with a list of valuable prioritised actions to take for your contact centre or back office operation.

Lyn Trewenack, Consulting Director, BBB Advisory

01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

CX Evolution in Government

How can you use digital channels and AI-enabled technologies to drive better experiences and operational efficiencies? Using design thinking to stand in your customers shoes, design new experiences and understand how to make it a reality.

Genesys Government Team

01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

Experiencing Success and Beyond with Genesys

Are you are utilising, optimising and innovating with your Genesys solution? Ensure you are delivering the best experience for your customers and employees and realising benefits for your business with Customer Success and Genesys Beyond by your side.

Genesys Professional Services Team

01:30 pm – 04:30 pm

Genesys Partner Workshop

This workshop is open to Genesys partners only. 

For our partners, delivering experience orchestration business outcomes generates a broader discussion on how to best use innovation and coordinate technology throughout an entire organisation. The focus of this workshop will be on key digital, journey optimisation and employee experience capabilities that businesses have available to build deeper, more loyal relationships with their customers. This knowledge will support you to guide your customers in proactive decision-making, taking action when it will be most impactful and appropriate.

04:30 pm – 06:00 pm

Welcome Networking Reception Sponsored by Blackbox

Tuesday, 25 July 2023

07:45 am – 08:30 am

Registration and Networking

08:40 am – 09:05 am

Welcome to G-Summit ANZ

Assaf Tarnopolsky, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Genesys
Mark Buckley, Vice President, Australia and New Zealand, Genesys

09:05 am – 09:25 am

A Bold New Vision: Transform your Business with Experience Orchestration

Hear about our bold vision for the future. Explore the future of CX and discover how to create a new vision for your business that delivers the power of empathy to every experience by orchestrating personalised experiences at scale. Delight your customers, engage your employees and differentiate your brand through personalised, empathetic experiences — seamlessly delivered through continuous innovation on Genesys Cloud.

Brett Weigl, General Manager, Digital, AI, and Journey Analytics, Genesys

09:25 am – 09:35 am

Fireside Chat: A Global Transformation at Flight Centre

Prior to Covid, Flight Centre had a decentralised technology model which had grown out of 14 different telephony and contact centre platforms. Decimated by the pandemic, which saw the global team almost wiped out, Flight Centre was propelled into a CX global transformation. Today the company operates a single ‘Follow the Sun’ contact centre, delivering a superior seamless customer experience to customers across the globe.

Kelly Lyons, Global Product Manager – Telephony & Contact Centre, Flight Centre
Robyn O’Reilly, Head of Resolution Management, APAC, Genesys

09:35 am – 09:45 am

Fireside Chat: Becoming Brilliant: Building Trust Through Change

ASB embarked on a journey to deliver excellence in customer experience and triggered a shift that illuminated the path to brilliance. Hear from Michael Evans, ASB Head of Distribution Transformation, on how their change management approach turned apprehension into passion, despite completely changing how their frontline teams worked – from independent channels to an empowered workforce enjoying greater variety while seamlessly meeting the customer where they are.
Michael Evans, Head of Distribution Transformation, ASB Bank
Robert Lattuca, Senior Strategic Account Director, Banking and Financial Services, Genesys

09:45 am – 10:00 am

Titanium Partner Session: The Key Trends in Shaping the Customer Experience of the Future

Top-performing organisations are almost twice as likely as others to be in an advanced state of digitalisation, as found in NTT’s 2023 Global Customer Experience Report, with cloud-based technologies and AI, automation and machine learning feature prominently within both CX and EX strategies. This keynote will explore the findings of the 2023 report as well as the impact that investment in modern technologies like AI and cloud is having on your organisation.

Michael Slip, Senior Director – Customer Experience, NTT

10:00 am – 10:10 am

Fireside Chat: Delivering 'Random Acts of Kindness' for Customers in the Not-for-Profit Sector

In this session, we will hear from a very special Genesys customer – our Giveback partner for G-Summit Sydney 2023, Canteen, an Australian not-for-profit that provides free and tailored support to young people aged 12-25 who are impacted by cancer. Learn about the amazing work that Canteen does and how your attendance here today can contribute to this, as well as how Canteen is using Genesys Cloud to better serve their supporters and raise funds for this important cause.

Dave Nair, Supporter Care Manager, Canteen Australia
Sian Jenkins, Marketing Director, APAC, Genesys

10:10 am – 10:40 am

Morning Tea

10:40 am – 10:55 am

Live Demonstration: Experience Orchestration in Action

Annemarie Hodgson, Senior Solution Consultant, Genesys
Mike Marshall, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys

10:55 am – 11:05 am

Customer Journey Analytics in Action

See how customer journey analytics brings Experience Orchestration to life. Learn how you can unlock insights and prioritise CX initiatives with your personal data scientist concierge.

Naveen Kandasami, Head of Customer Analytics ANZ, Genesys

11:05 am – 11:20 am

Diamond Partner Session: Fostering Innovation in Higher Education - The impact of Genesys Cloud and AI for Next-Generation Student and Stakeholder Contacts

Join this fireside chat to explore the transformative power of Genesys Cloud and AI in higher education. Discover how Western Sydney University (WSU) is leveraging Genesys Cloud to reimagine student and faculty experiences. From integrated digital channels to AI-driven innovations, learn how these technologies are shaping the future of education.

Dr. Scott Snyder, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Western Sydney University
Dave Flanagan, Head of Digital & Conversational AI, Nexon Asia Pacific

11:20 am – 11:30 am

Stitching Together the Customer Journey in Healthcare

10 years ago, a ski accident changed a life, and while everyone along the healthcare journey wanted to help in healing, the lack of a system of engagement to coordinate care led to a negative health outcome. In this session we will hear from Tara Mahoney, Genesys’ Global Healthcare Managing Director, and how her journey reinforced her passion: leveraging customer and care team experience platforms in improving healthcare.

Tara Mahoney, Global Healthcare Managing Director, Genesys

11:30 am – 11:45 am

Bridging the Gap between Technologists and Insurance Professionals

Hear how to get the most from your technology investment by cultivating the right dynamic between your business and IT teams. Hear from industry practitioners, customers, and technologists about what it takes to make this happen, what are some best practices and also, what you should avoid!

Scott Paterson, Global Unified Comms & Collaboration Manager, QBE Insurance
Troy Cook, Head of Information Technology, HIF
Manan Sagar, Managing Director, Global Insurance, Genesys

11:45 am – 12:00 pm

Practical Experience Orchestration: Harnessing the Power of AI in the Contact Centre

Unlock the game-changing benefits of AI in the contact centre to enhance the customer experience, while reducing cost and growing revenue. This talk explores practical strategies of leveraging AI to tackle traditional Contact Centre challenges. Discover how pairing new AI capabilities with existing technology can accelerate digital transformation and customer experience goals. Simple strategies to create a win-win for your organisation and your valued customers.

Tim Friebel, Global Experience Transformation Lead, Genesys

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Customer Panel Discussion: A New Paradigm - Personalised, Empathetic Experiences at Scale

Rapidly shifting customer preferences and declining satisfaction with digital channels are creating mounting business risks for organisations worldwide. In surveying CX leaders, the State of CX report uncovers profound challenges in digital transformation strategy and execution and shares a powerful roadmap for delivering empathetic experiences at scale. Hear the perspectives of CX leaders from leading organisations.

Blair Swan, CX Optimisation Manager, Winc Australia
Jackie Robb, Chief Operating Officer, Chemist Warehouse
Ned Papadopoulos, Head of People & Customer Experience, QBE
Russ Murphy, Director Customer Engagement Platforms, NSW Department of Customer Service
Robyn O’Reilly, Head of Resolution Management APAC, Genesys

12:30 pm – 01:30 pm


01:30 pm – 01:55 pm

Breakout Session 1

Stream 1: Go Big and Go Bold with Workforce Engagement Management

A key differentiator across industries today is the ability to deliver both next level customer and employee experience. Come and hear how you can win in the employee experience economy by leveraging an inter-connected suite of WEM solutions including quality management, speech and text analytics, forecasting and scheduling, and performance management to drive your business results.

Annemarie Hodgson, Senior Solution Consultant, Genesys
Andrew Thean, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys

Stream 2: CX Evolution in Government: Enabling Digital and AI in your Government Department or Agency

Hear how can you use digital and AI to drive better experiences and operational efficiencies in government.

Megan Gordon, Principal Professional Services Consultant, APAC, Genesys 

Stream 3: Not “if” but “when”: Planning your Genesys-to-Genesys evolution in a slow-moving industry like Insurance

Moving to the cloud is a matter of when, not if. But how do you evolve your customer experience & employee experience strategy and where do you start? Hear from QBE who’ve completed the transformation as they share how to build the business case, get buy-in and break through technical barriers. And hear how the Genesys Cloud partnership has opened up a new world of possibilities for QBE to bring innovation to the Insurance sector.

Angel Kuan, Insurance Vertical Lead APAC, Genesys
Scott Paterson, Global Unified Comms & Collaboration Manager, QBE Insurance

Stream 4: Enabling CX Transformation with Agility

To meet continuously escalating customer expectations, businesses must be able to respond to new requirements, and quickly make changes to their CX. Achieving the level of agility required to stay ahead of your competition, requires the ability to quickly design and deliver new CX capabilities, visibility into how live CX systems are functioning, and insight into how customer journeys can be improved.

In this session, you will learn how to empower your IT, operations and business teams with the capabilities and insights they need to achieve the agility to enable a successful CX transformation.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara

Stream 5: Benchmarking the Banking Experience

Hear what the top financial services executives are prioritising for the future of CX in banking. Learn about consumer trends, market direction and the latest insights on what’s next for CX in banking.

David Porter, Managing Director, Global Financial Services, Genesys

02:00 pm – 02:25 pm

Breakout Session 2

Stream 1: Best Practices in Quality Management and Speech and Text Analytics

In this session, you’ll hear how to solve workforce challenges and reach business outcomes with the quality management and speech and text analytics capabilities of Genesys Cloud. You’ll leave with some practical ideas you can apply to your contact centre.

Darren Adrian, Senior Solution Consultant, Genesys
Andrew Thean, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys

Stream 2: Customer Panel Discussion: Enabling Digital and AI in your Government Department or Agency

Listen first hand to how different government departments and agencies are using digital and AI to drive great experiences.

Chris Luxford, Contracted Consultant, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing Victoria
Sean McBride, Principal Advisor, Accident Compensation Corporation
Megan Gordon, Principal Professional Services Consultant, APAC, Genesys

Stream 3: Becoming brilliant: A change management approach that turned apprehension into passion

Hear from Michael Evans, ASB Head of Distribution Transformation, on how their change management approach turned apprehension into passion, despite completely changing how their frontline teams worked – from independent channels to an empowered workforce enjoying greater variety while seamlessly meeting the customer where they are.

Michael Evans, Head of Distribution Transformation, ASB Bank
Robert Lattuca, Senior Strategic Account Director, Banking and Financial Services, Genesys

Stream 4: Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI: A Triple Win for Customers, Partners, and Business Growth!

Join us for an exhilarating session as we unravel the immense potential of conversational AI! The buzz surrounding this transformative technology is undeniable, and we’re here to show you why it’s more than just a language model behind a chatbot. Discover the secrets to unlocking exceptional value with AI that goes beyond expectations. Probe CX, the industry leader in customer experience management, has teamed up with Uniphore to deliver an unparalleled conversational AI program—one that not only benefits customers but also empowers your employees. Be captivated as we reveal how they revolutionised the customer experience for one of Australia’s leading retailers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and uncover the path to success with conversational AI. Join us and be a part of the future of customer engagement!

Adam Spence, Vice President ANZ, Uniphore
Avik Choudhuri, Chief Growth Officer, Probe CX

Stream 5: Unlocking Revenue Growth: Embrace Conversational AI with Exceed.ai by Genesys

Discover the power of Conversation Automation technology in driving business growth, increasing the capacity of Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience teams and executing business objectives autonomously.  Learn how Conversational AI will help increase customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue while taking the load off your contact center. Exceed.ai by Genesys is a Conversation Automation platform that allows companies to conduct AI-powered two-way, human-like conversation across multiple channels (email, chat, SMS) throughout the entire buyer’s journey. AI-powered Virtual Sales Assistants engage every lead, prospect, and customer in human like conversations while delivering stellar customer experiences and growing revenue opportunities.

Ilan Kasan, Vice President of Product Management, Digital & AI, Genesys

02:30 pm – 02:55 pm

Breakout Session 3

Stream 1: What’s next for Digital and AI? Making the Art of the Possible Real

You’ll hear what’s on the roadmap for digital and AI from our product leaders. Get a sneak peek into how Genesys is enabling the contact centre of the future by blending modern experiences with new insights and incorporating AI innovations such as generative AI and machine translation.

Brett dal Santo, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys
Phillip Townsend, Digital and AI Lead, APAC, Genesys

Stream 2: The Future of Routing and Task Management

Learn how enhancements to Genesys Cloud routing can help you address the simplest to most complex business needs in your front and back offices. The versatility and extensibility of our all-in-one platform allow you to create end-to-end workflows and routing rules to migrate confidently.

Matt McPhee, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys
Mike Marshall, Principal Solution Consultant, Genesys

Stream 3: Elevating Customer Experience at Sumo through Speech Analytics, Sentiment Analysis and Customer Surveys

Hear how Australia’s fastest growing energy retailer, Sumo, has elevated their customer experience using a mix of out-the-box Genesys Cloud features coupled with innovative and agile approaches. From the launch of the ‘Active Service Recovery Program’ using in-built customer surveys delivered immediately via SMS, to speech analytics and sentiment analysis for delivery of value-added service and Quality Management, Sumo has achieved an almost real-time analysis of each customer interaction and delivered some incredible NPS results.

Peter Perla, Executive General Manager, Customer Experience & Growth, Sumo

Stream 4: What’s Actually Driving Customer Contact – Themes, Trends and Opportunities from 5 Global Verticals

Operative Intelligence will present up-to-date data on what’s driving customer contact across 5 global verticals (Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Travel & Hospitality). From this session, understand trends and insights relating to volume, customer satisfaction, resolution rates, sentiments as well as customer value, while diving into key drivers of customer demand. Understand common themes and opportunities to address customer pain points and automation opportunities in your organisation based on data-driven insights.

 James Iansek, Co-Founder, Operative Intelligence

Stream 5: The Experiences We Orchestrate in Healthcare

From patient access to enrolment to medical device support, healthcare journeys require coordination — not just one contact — and affect some of the most critical KPIs for healthcare organisations such as adherence, experience scores and care team efficiencies. In this session, we’ll discuss how healthcare is leveraging critical capabilities to drive better patient, member and care team journeys with outcomes such as 20% digital containment.

Tara Mahoney, Global Healthcare Managing Director, Genesys

03:00 pm – 03:30 pm

Afternoon Tea

03:30 pm – 03:40 pm

A Seamless Contact Centre Experience Drives a Record Breaking Good Friday Appeal

Hear how a seamless contact centre experience, delivered by Telstra for one of the biggest fundraisers in Victoria, helped generate vital funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Rebecca Cowan, Executive Director, Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal
Paul Nicholls, Digital Transformation Executive, Telstra Purple

03:40 pm – 03:50 pm

Fireside Chat: Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do: Delivering frictionless CX at News Corp Australia

Join this fireside chat to hear how News Corp has achieved an impressive increase in NPS over 12 months by combining “the world’s best team with the world’s best technology”. From personalisation and proactive communication to predictive engagement, chatbots, reporting and analytics, News Corp are driving change in the contact centre and delivering frictionless experiences for their customers.

Brad Vines, Head of Contact Centre Technology, News Corp Australia
Phillip Townsend, Digital and AI Lead, APAC, Genesys

03:50 pm – 04:00 pm

Forward Looking: AI and Data Privacy

A look at the ways Genesys is bridging the gaps as technology continues to outpace privacy laws.

Kristin Witteveen, Managing Corporate Counsel, APAC, Genesys

04:00 pm – 04:10 pm

Fireside Chat: CX Evolution at Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Hear the what, how and why Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation transformed their CX with Genesys Cloud.

Trisha Gorman, Customer Portfolio Delivery Partner, CSC Transformation Program, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
Tony Winterbottom, Principal, Federal Government, Genesys 

04:10 pm – 04:30 pm

What’s Next for Genesys Cloud? Innovation for Transformation

The experience economy is a real challenge for organisations today. Hear what’s to come on Genesys Cloud that keeps you competitive, relevant and supporting your customers and employees. Antoine will share our key R&D priorities, advancements in Experience Orchestration and how innovation will help you continuously optimise your CX strategy to stay ahead.

Brett Weigl, General Manager, Digital, AI, and Journey Analytics, Genesys

04:30 pm – 05:00 pm

Customer Panel Discussion: On the Road to Experience Orchestration

Hear from Genesys customers on their journey to Experience Orchestration. We’ll discuss the role that people, processes and technology play in transforming the CX at an organisation. They’ll share the steps they took to better understand customer needs and use data to coordinate technology in a more meaningful way that drives business growth.

Brent Alexander, National Manager Customer Relationship Centre, Beyond Bank
Wayne Amos, Manager IT, Deakin University
Zane Kuramoto, Executive Manager, Digital and Strategy Integration, The Salvation Army
Phill Townsend, Digital & AI Lead APAC, Genesys

05:00 pm – 05:05 pm

G-Summit ANZ 2023 Closing Remarks

05:30 pm – 11:00 pm

G-Summit ANZ 2023 After Party at The Ivy

Hilton Sydney

Hilton Sydney, George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia

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Where is G-Summit Sydney being held?

Hilton Sydney. 488 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000

How do I get there?

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G-Summit Sydney is taking place on Tuesday 25 July – this is the main conference day.
On the afternoon of Monday 24 July there is a range of optional pre-conference workshops followed by a welcome drinks reception. We encourage all attendees to attend these workshops and the welcome drinks reception.

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Registration opens at 12.30pm on Monday 24 July and at 8am on Tuesday 25 July.

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Friday 9 June.

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No, this is complimentary with every registration. Please select this when completing the registration process or email chanelle@conferenceworks.com.au for further assistance.

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No, the party is included in the registration ticket.

Where is the G-Summit Party?

This year’s G-Summit Party will be held at the Ivy Bar Level 1. Ivy Bar is a short 5-minute walk from Hilton Sydney.

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Payments can be made with a VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or via invoice.

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Hilton Sydney are offering a 10% discount to all G-Summit attendees. To access the discount book via the following link:


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Smart Casual.

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Patrons won’t be required to have two doses or show their vaccination status before entering any venue. This is subject to change as per government guidelines.

If you are feeling unwell or have Cold or Flu-like Symptoms, or are a close contact of someone who has been unwell and/or is currently being tested for COVID-19, please do not attend the event and follow the health advice regarding testing and isolating.

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Please email your request to chanelle@conferenceworks.com.au

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