What is live chat software?

Live chat software enables your company to interact with website or app visitors in real time. When your website visitors or returning customers require support or information, live chat makes it easier for them to interact with you. It provides your visitors with 24/7 availability and instant messaging, which improves the customer experience and increases online sales. Marketing, customer support, and sales teams use live chat tools to improve communication throughout the customer journey.


Chat or Messaging for Customer Support?

Consider adapting web messaging when looking for live chat software. Web messaging has many advantages over live chat, and it can be used across multiple devices throughout the entire customer journey. While live chat is only for synchronous conversations, messaging can be used for either synchronous or asynchronous communication, depending on the availability of customers and agents.

Your customer service reps have seamless real-time and asynchronous conversations on the customer’s preferred channel from a single screen – all while having the complete conversion history between your support staff and customers.

The best chat software is often backed by artificial intelligence and integrated with APIs and native or third-party integrations with chatbots, automation platforms, CRMs, analytics, messaging apps, knowledge bases, help desk software, and other applications. These integrations enable chat software to offer the following benefits:


Eight benefits of using web messaging software

A convenient channel

Customers seek support on their own terms. Make it convenient and seamless for them whenever they interact with your business. Add messaging and live chat to your website or mobile app to reach customers on their favourite digital channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Chat, etc.

Web messaging feature is easy to set up and is direct, fast and accessible. Customers can start and stop the conversations as needed and go about their business. Genesys messaging platform allows agents to pick up where they left off with customers.

The bottom line: Do not let confused visitors leave your site, optimise your web chat customer experience to build new and maintain existing connections.

Always-there, Always-on

Customers are always on these days and if you are not, you are missing out. When it comes to the performance of your online presence, having support right at shoppers’ fingertips can make a huge difference for your business. Grow your business with an AI-powered chat solution that is available 24/7, from answering common questions to handling complex issues.

Give your online shoppers instant answers to any queries before they become impatient and jump off the ship for a faster and instantaneous experience.

Always-on functionality not only helps shoppers with their questions, but it also increases customer retention and loyalty by engaging and selling visitors more opportunities.

Improve average handling time

As web messaging is always-on yet asynchronous, it helps reduce average handling time (AHT). Agents can handle multiple requests simultaneously while providing immediate resolution and a personalised customer experience.

Genesys web messaging uses AI-driven insights to boost agents’ efficiency and anticipate customer needs. So you can give quick and easy real-time replies to your customers and give agents the right information at the right time – improving every customer interaction.

Businesses can integrate their knowledge base to messaging platforms. It further improves average handling time by providing agents AI-predictive suggestions and context-relevant service at scale.

Reduce Operational Costs

Best live chat tools are cost effective and low maintenance. They streamline the entire customer support process and lowers business costs by eliminating the need for additional customer support executives.

Most common questions can be handled by AI powered bots that can seamlessly transfer more complex queries to agents. The agents have a clear view of the customer journey and access to a knowledge base. This allows agents to resolve the issues quicker and serve more customers.

Besides getting more done, modern live chat software significantly reduces agent training costs and always guides their actions with relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

Concurrency gain

With a robust web messaging software, agents can handle multiple chats at once without confusion and burnout. When your support team chats with multiple customers, it not only speeds up resolution time, but it also saves you time and money.

Without powerful web chat software, agents have limited resources to achieve chat concurrency, which annoys customers due to late or no response. So, start by giving your team a complete customer service platform to make their time and effort more productive.

Our chat solution offers everything from canned responses to other integrations such as CRM, analytics, knowledge base, chatbot, helpdesk software and more at your agents’ fingertips so your agents can serve more customers in less time.

First touch resolution

Irrespective of the channel, every company aims to resolve customer inquiries in a single touch. Messaging platforms are the best way to achieve this goal by giving customers convenient and less-stressful ways to seek answers on demand.

To increase the chances of achieving first contact resolution, agents must have the right tools that are easy to use, powered by AI, have powerful features and have effortless integrations. Genesys web messaging has it all, giving your agents features like screen sharing, co-browsing, rich media sharing and much more.

It is important to use the messaging software to its fullest because the better your agents are equipped with the right tools, the more likely they are to provide a complete solution on first contact.

Increase Agent satisfaction

Agent satisfaction (ASAT) is a major driver of customer satisfaction with your brand. Genesys web messaging gives your agents an all-in-one messaging tool with rich capabilities. As a result, your agents are always glad to make your customers happy.

Legacy systems lack seamless integration and smart automation features that lead to agent burnouts. Our agent friendly chat features allow agents to see the whole customer journey and access scripts to troubleshoot customer queries faster. When agents are empowered with proper tools and support, it increases agent satisfaction and minimises agent turnover.

Give your customer service representatives easy-to-manage, modern chat tools to save their time that will give them the freedom to provide more meaningful support.

Increase Customer satisfaction

In the digital world, great CX is more proactive and responsive customer service. Online users expect instant first contact solutions. An AI powered website messaging system is the only way to deliver quality service to your customers within seconds.

Adopt a hybrid approach to meet and manage customer expectations. Bots take over the repetitive inquiries and provide prompt responses to frequently asked questions. When a human touch is needed, intelligent chatbots seamlessly route customer inquiries to the right call centre agent.

The proactive and interactive nature of web chat helps in solving customer problems in less time as compared to traditional channels, resulting in increased customer satisfaction (CSAT), loyalty, and trust.

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