What is computer telephony integration (CTI) in a call centre?

Today’s call centre is taking more than calls. Customers want to be able to ask questions and get other support on your website, through social media and with an app.

Current computer telephony integration (CTI) software routes phone calls and other live contact from customers through a computer. This way, contact centre agents are able to handle conversations happening in multiple channels. The software also gives the agent context, so they can address the customer interaction in a way that is personal and efficient.

## What do you need in a CTI solution?

Ideally, you would select cloud-based contact centre software that includes everything you need. Being in the cloud makes the solution easier to roll out and maintain. Having all the essentials means better results for customers.

The essentials of CTI cover the ability to handle inbound and outbound communications, including:

  • Call routing and interactive voice response (IVR),
  • eMail,
  • Chat,
  • Social media,
  • Messaging,
  • Screen sharing,
  • Self-service options,
  • Workforce optimisation,

And your CTI should make it easy to connect your other business systems for maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of CTI?

An all-in-one CTI solution will:

  • Improve customer experience because you’re communicating on the customer’s preferred channel and helping them quickly and effectively.
  • Reduce handle times because the agent has the context they need to work fast and still get the ideal result.

Increase revenue because happy customers spend more.

How Genesys can help with CTI

Genesys Cloud CX CTI solution addresses the omnichannel demands on contact centres. Genesys Cloud CX is:

  • Built for seamless channel surfing so you can delight customers in the channel the customer chooses.
  • Intuitive so your team will pick it up quickly and be able to collaborate productively.
  • Secure, so you don’t have to trade off security with functionality, reliability or flexibility.

Explore the interface, features and functionality of Genesys Cloud CX.


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